Prediction for the fight Rinat Fakhretdinov vs Kevin Lee

The son of the Tatar people - Rinat Fakhretdinov, from a debutant, retrained as a hunter for veterans, since at the UFC on ESPN 48 tournament, he will meet with the ex-contender for the interim title, Kevin Lee. The American repeatedly restarted his career, up to the fact that he spoke in the organization of Khabib Nurmagomedov, but as a result he returned “home” to try once again to get to the belt. And on July 2, at the UFC Apex site in Las Vegas, the guys will identify the strongest, as part of a clash of two different generations of fighters.

Rinat Fakhretdinov vs Kevin Lee

Rinat Fakhretdinov

The Russian has achieved impressive success in combat sambo: he is the champion of Moscow, the world champion, and the winner of the Russian championship (silver) in this discipline. In addition, Rinat took bronze at the national championship in pankration, and also owned the GFC belt, along with the title of MS in mixed martial arts. Now the fighter is on a series of 19 victories, which promises him very good prospects if he passes the next opponent.


Fakhretdinov has excellent indicators in terms of the effectiveness of transfers to the ground (almost 2/3 of attempts are successful), and high accuracy of strikes, since he delivers the lion's share of them from the ground. Everything related to pressure, control at the net and on the ground is performed by him with impeccable accuracy and persistence. The pluses also include a fairly good BJJ, cardio and chic throwing technique.


It has been repeatedly noted that in Rinat's career there were few fighters who can be called tops or strong middle peasants. And with the same Mikhailidis, "Gladiator" experienced some difficulties in the fight, so he has something to work on even in his element, not to mention the percussion technique. To put it bluntly, Fakhretdinov's ground and pound is a level better than his boxing.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Rinat is 31 years old, and as mentioned above, his winning streak last December was extended to 19 victories, 2 of them in the UFC. His victims were Brian Battle (a native of TUF), and Andreas Mikhailides - both were defeated by referee decisions. More than sufficient period for preparation, as well as excellent form in each of the fights, suggests that the "Gladiator" will be ready for this confrontation. The only thing his team should think about is a big jump in the level of opposition, even though Kevin has been written off a dozen times.

Rinat Fakhretdinov vs Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee

The ex-fighter of the light and welterweight divisions of the UFC, was famous for both his high-profile victories and offensive defeats. Kevin rose from the ashes and covered himself from head to toe again, threatened to beat Khabib, and then beat Diego Sanchez in his own promotion. However, Lee is a top-notch wrestler, having amassed a 37-0 record on the mat at university. His collection includes the title of the TWC organization, as well as a number of bonuses for the best fights. And in the fight with Ferguson, “The Phenomenon from Motown” tried to pick up the UFC champion belt, albeit temporary, but to no avail.


Kevin is a dangerous striker, but only as a first number. His haikiki and body shots become a big problem for the opposition, and the low accuracy of strikes is parried by the physical strength of the fighter. However, Lee reveals himself in the best possible way on the ground: amplitude throws, plasticity, impeccable control and going behind the back, from where the fighter throws a choke in a split second - he is magnificent on the ground floor.


Lee repeatedly demonstrated a mental vulnerability that undermined even the best prep camps of his career. The lack of focus on what is happening in the cage, excessive emotionality and the race for finishes open a gap in his defense, and not only in the stance. The abundance of errors in the game has not been corrected for years, and it is unlikely that after a long downtime it will improve any performance.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Kevin is only 30, however, he has gone through all the stages of becoming a professional: ascent, peak and rapid decline. Four defeats in 6 extreme bouts is a direct proof of that. Yes, he was inferior to the tops, Dos Anjos, Oliveira and the middle peasant - Daniel Rodriguez, but even a confident victory over Gregor Gillespie, and a protracted match with Diego Sanchez, does not guarantee that Lee will enter the upcoming fight in good condition. He is too unstable, for what do not take it: weight, shape, mental state.

Comparative analysis

The guys have something to measure in terms of anthropometry: Rinat is 5 cm taller, and Kevin comes forward by 8 cm in arm span. Actually, it is this indicator that will have the greatest weight, since Fakhretdinov will definitely not become an opponent in percussion technique. Kicks, a solid right hand punch and a good opening explosion from the American can create problems for the Gladiator if it stagnates. But Rinat is not used to working at a distance, so the takedown defense of Kevin and his BJJ will come into play. It is on the ground floor and near the grid that the most difficult battles will take place, since here everyone has something to offer.

Fakhretdinov is many times more effective in terms of pressure, transfers and ground and pound, but the Motown Phenomenon is physically very strong, so it may not come to causing significant damage - it is much more important to keep and then wear him out. Technically, the Russian should succeed, since he rarely sagged on cardio, and he enters the fight not with such a huge downtime. What do we have as a result? In the standing position, the meeting will not be equal, and at close range and on the ground, Fakhretdinov has a minimal advantage, but only due to the fact that he is fresh, and Rinat makes mistakes in the implementation of the game plan much less often than Kevin. Li's current form will be the determining factor.

Rinat Fakhretdinov vs Kevin Lee Prediction

Fakhretdinov will face the toughest exam in his career, because for the first time he will face a partner player of this level, and even with a heavy blow. A few years ago, there would have been no doubt that Lee would tear him to pieces, but now, neither stamina nor the ability to correctly analyze the situation in a duel, Kevin does not inspire confidence. Plus, he will be forced to work under pressure, and the US representative has rarely succeeded in doing this successfully. Be that as it may, the meeting will be competitive, and is unlikely to end quickly. With the highest probability, we are waiting for a judicial decision or a finish in the 3rd round, but Fakhretdinov has a great chance of becoming the winner, but only on the condition that he demonstrates an impeccable performance. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: Rinat Fakhretdinov's victory / 3rd round will begin.

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