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The bookmaker 1xbet is a popular site in Senegal. It is where thousands of residents regularly visit the site to try their luck. Thanks to the bookmaker, many players have received large sums of money, which has improved their financial situation. In this article, let's find out more about how 1xbet works in Senegal.


Bookmaker jobs in Senegal

The official website of the bookmaker 1xBet in Senegal does not work as it is blocked. However, users are always looking for ways around this restriction.

Registration on the official 1xBet website

The most popular circumvention options are:
  1. Download and install a mobile app. This can be done both on Android and iOS. All you need to do is download the app once and you can forget about restrictions forever. The app works whenever and wherever you have internet access. It is also very easy to use and easy to understand;
  2. Find a working mirror. It is a copy of the official website of the betting company 1xbet. The design and interface are the same, so the user will not need to retrain and re-learn how to use the site. The link to the mirror can be found on the internet or in the bookmaker's communities on social networks.

The main betting types at 1xBet and their features

Let's look briefly at what you can bet on:
  • The main outcome (1X2) is the simplest type of bet. We choose a victory of the first, second team/player or a draw, if it is possible in the selected match;
  • Total (More, Less) - bet on the number of any indicators. For example, in football it can be goals, corner kicks, penalties; in tennis - games, sets, etc. (choose, whether the real value will be more or less than indicated in the list);
  • Handicap - betting that the team or the player will win with a lead more than the indicated value, or will not lose with a lead more than this value;
  • Asian Handicap - we bet on the same handicap, but with quarter values (0.25 and 0.75), in this case the bet is divided into 2 equal parts (2 adjacent to the selected value) and each of them is calculated separately.
These are just the basic types of bets. On this page we will go into detail about the other symbols, e.g. toto, which you will find in the betting list. Make sure you familiarise yourself with each one so you know what you are betting on, when it is best to use it, and when it is best to discard it. Once you are sure you have understood all the rules and understand when bets will and will not play, you can start betting.

Types of betting and their designations

Here are the types of bets you can use:
  • Single bets (single bets) - there is only one event in the betting slip;
  • Express - there are several events in a slip and the total odds are equal to the result of multiplying the quotations of all events;
  • System - there are also several events in a slip; according to the chosen dimension a certain number of expresses with the chosen number of events is made (for example, 2/3 means 3 expresses with 2 events in each);
  • Live betting - betting in real time, i.e. on those matches which are going on right now.
Lucky, Trixie, chain, patent, conditional bets are also available. You can also insure your bet.

Betting from a computer

The step-by-step instructions for betting from a computer are as follows:
  1. First, you need to select the mode in which you will work - either pre-match (before the match) or live. In the first case, you need to select the type of sport in the panel on the left, then the championship and the event there as well. In the second one, click on the "Live" button in the panel above or on the left and select a match from the list of available matches;
  2. In the live betting page you need to click on the odds. It will appear in the coupon on the right;
  3. Select the type of online betting (single, express, system, lacs, etc.) and click on the button to accept the bet.
Official website

Computer users can download the app called 1xbet. You can do this by pressing the monitor icon button on the top left of the official website. Then the download page will open. The installation of the program is classic - choose a place on the disk to store files, click "Next" a few times, run a shortcut on the desktop. The advantage of 1xbet is that it cannot be blocked. The interface is slightly different, but all the functions are in the same places.

Betting in one click

On the home page below the coupon, there is a "1-click" sign, and next to it a ticked button and a field for entering the amount. If you activate this feature, you will be able to place your bet without using a coupon. You simply click on the odds of the desired event, and the bet is immediately credited with the previously entered amount.


This function is useful in cases where you need to act quickly (e.g. when the odds change). Although in this betting office it is possible to automatically change the quotation in an already accepted bet when it goes up (there is a corresponding button in the betting slip for this purpose).

Can you use your phone or tablet

From your phone and tablet, you can do your betting in the same way as from a computer. Open the bookmaker from your device and its mobile version will launch. There you will need to select a sport from the menu, which opens by clicking on the three-bar button at the top left. The login and registration buttons are also at the top. Select a sport, a tournament, an event, and in the spreadsheet, tap on the odds. The coupon will become active, where you will be able to enter the amount.

Mobile version

When you open the mobile version, you will be immediately offered to download the software (there are applications for Android and iOS). The benefits are the same as for the PC app - blockage avoidance. Mobile devices also use a more optimised caching system, which makes line updates faster.

How to win at betting

In order to have a regular income from betting at a bookmaker's office, the following tips should be followed:
  1. Study each type of betting carefully, our betting school will help you with this. You have to understand what you are betting on, and when you will win. 1xbet has the widest line and coverage, as well as lots of notations;
  2. Read the rules of this bookmaker. They differ from one bookmaker to another. You need to understand what counts as breaking the rules and how different types of betting are calculated;
  3. Use strategies which are easy to understand. These include flat-out, overtaking, fixed percentage, ladder and the other approaches described on this page. Over time, you will be able to develop your own strategy by following these instructions.

How to withdraw money from 1xBet

The step-by-step instructions for withdrawal are as follows:
  • Log in. Hover your mouse cursor over the "My Account" button;
  • A menu will open and you will need to select the "Withdraw from account" option;
  • Choose the necessary payment system - press on its image;
  • Enter the amount and details (number of wallet, bank card, account on another site.
It is noteworthy that in this office you can withdraw money not only to payment system accounts, but also to cryptocurrency accounts, and gaming accounts (e.g. World of Tanks).

Is it realistic to make money in betting

Realistically, if you treat it not as entertainment, but as a full-fledged business, and choose the right betting shop. It is important to calculate in advance how much you want to win. You shouldn't set the bar very high, in business a profit of 3-5% is considered to be very good. But greedy people in the former Soviet Union don't think so and want to make millions in two days. In betting, aim for a low income, especially in the initial stages.

Also, decide in advance what you will do in case you lose or fail. Keep records, write down as much data as possible, make graphs (e.g. in Microsoft Excel) to clearly see your successes or failures.

What are the best bets for novice bettors to win on

Choose easy-to-understand types of betting in the initial stages. This can be the main outcome, double odds and totals. Pay special attention to the supporting totals (e.g. yellow cards and corner kicks in football), as they are often the easiest to predict. Look at the season and recent match averages. In tennis the differences between opponents are telling - if one is stronger than the other, game totals will be low. Over time you will notice other patterns and learn more complicated types of betting, such as races.

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