Canada vs Latvia. Who will be the first finalist of the World Championship?

Finnish Tampere will be the venue for the first semi-final of the 2023 Ice Hockey World Championship. Ice hockey players from the Canadian and Latvian national teams will take to the ice of the Tampere Dec arena. The meeting will take place on May 27.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Canada vs Latvia


Canadians continue to be the most titled hockey power on the planet, having collected 52 sets of medals in the history of the world championships, including 27 gold ones. The prospect of becoming champions 28 times before the start of this tournament was somewhat vague, experts ranked the Canadians among the favorites of the championship rather according to the established tradition. This is due to the composition of the team that the Maple Leaves brought to Europe. Without any stars, with a clear bias towards power hockey, the Canadians risked finishing the championship early enough.

The group stage games to some extent confirmed these fears. Despite the final second place in Group B, the Canadians did not impress with their game, having managed to lose not only to the rather powerful Swiss team, but also to the eternal outsiders from Norway. In the quarter-finals, the Canadians got to the host of the tournament - the Finnish team, where the Finns were the clear favorite. Nevertheless, the Canadians had an almost perfect fight, having managed to take a full-fledged revenge for last year's defeat in the World Championship final. A convincing 4-1 victory with Toffoli's puck into an empty net takes the Canadians to the semi-finals of the championship.


If for Canadians getting into the semi-finals is quite a common thing, then the Latvians are already making history, for the first time since the team participated in the world championships, having managed to qualify for the top four. A year ago, the Latvians were left out of the playoffs, finishing the group stage in fifth place. There were no special prerequisites for a qualitative leap upwards, the composition remained practically the same, the leaders of the national team became one more year older.

Nevertheless, it was the veterans of the team that pulled the Latvian national team into the playoffs. Brothers Bukartsy, Daugavins, Indrashis and the only representative of the NHL Rudolfs Balcers lead the Latvian national team to the first World Championship medals in its history. The key for the Latvians was the victory on the final game day of the group stage over the Swiss. In case of defeat, the Latvians remained fifth, but having beaten the unmotivated Swiss, the wards of Harijs Vitolins went to the quarterfinals, where they created the main sensation of the championship so far. The Swedes dominated the whole match, almost three times surpassed the Latvians in shots on target, but in the end they lost sensationally 1-3. At the Latvian team, Lochmelis, Indrashis and Jaks scored goals.

Canada vs Latvia


A fortnight ago these teams met at the beginning of the championship and the Latvians could not upset the Canadian team even once. They left the ice with zero goals scored (Individual total of 2 under par(1,5) - 1.88 ). The game ended in a convincing 6-0 win for the Canadians. The victory is the 11th one for the Canadians in the whole time of confrontation with the Latvians in the World Championships. The Latvian national team has a much more modest winning record, with their only success coming two years ago, when they beat the North American team 2-0.

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The bookmakers are unequivocally on the side of the Canadians, putting up a coefficient of 1.4 for the victory of the founders of hockey in regular time. The option with another sensation in the face of the victory of the Latvian national team can be taken with a coefficient of 6.4. Possible draw followed by overtime – 5.8. As for the expected performance, here 1xbet offers the following quotes: total over (5.5) - 2.26, total under (5.5) - 1.64. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

The only chance for the Latvian national team in this game is to play as reliably as possible in defense. The variant of the match with the Swedes, where the Latvians, playing with a pronounced second number, managed to beat the favorite, will be repeated in the semifinals. The Canadians will score their goals, but it is unlikely that there will be many of them this time. Our prediction is Canada's individual total under 3.5 at odds of 1.81.

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