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The 1xBet brand, which has already achieved international status, was registered in Uganda in 2008. In the beginning, the bookmaker focused on land-based betting outlets, but launched its own website as early as 2012. Despite the fact that 1xBet is officially based in the Netherlands, people from different countries, including Uganda, can use the services through the website. These players are subject to their own terms and conditions, which we will discuss in this article.


Registration and betting

Bookmaker 1xBet  operates in a different legal environment. On the one hand, users can manage their finances and possible winnings without direct control by the FTS. On the other hand, the user of a foreign betting company will not be able to go to court at the place of registration of the bookmaker to protect their rights in case of disputes.


Despite the more loyal attitude to new players, the administration of the office at any time may require the user to document the identity. This is done, among other things, to exclude the participation of minors or fraudsters in sports betting.

Another peculiarity of 1xBet in Uganda is the wider possibilities of registration and betting. It is possible to get an account on the bookmaker's service, including for playing in "demo mode" for virtual money, from the comfort of your home. A user can also download 1xBet to iPhone or Android.

Mobile version

In Uganda, the bookmaker's activities are also represented in the form of a franchise business. Although the branch owners are different, all franchises are owned by the same company. This suggests that there is no difference in the design and choice of service for gambling.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds

1xBet has a wide range of payment instruments. The bookmaker in Uganda has quite a few options for depositing funds - 170 and about 100 for withdrawals.

However, there are restrictions for transactions, which may vary depending on the selected payment system. The minimum funding requirements are $3 for deposits and $10 for withdrawals.

For detailed information on depositing and withdrawing funds, as well as on the user requirements for registering a gaming account at 1xBet, please refer to the official website of the bookmaker's office or contact the technical support team.

How to use the site

Any resident of Uganda can become a customer of the bookmaker 1xbet. To do so, one has to register on the bookmaker's official website, which operates in the country's domain. The distinctive feature of this site is that it is available in the native language of the residents of Uganda.

Official website

This version of the site is presented in a truncated form. Of all the types of games that are available on the site, sports betting and a few other options are missing here. In more detail, the following features are missing:
  1. There are no slot games;
  2. No casino betting;
  3. All games that belong to the "Casino" category are not available;
  4. No "TV Games" section;
  5. No lotteries available;
  6. No sweepstakes;
  7. No forex currency betting.
However, getting around all of these restrictions is not difficult. Users can always use the international version, which is available in all popular world languages. There is a full range of services and games offered by the bookmaker 1xbet.

Distinguishing features of the Ugandan version of the website

In the Event Line, you can choose something suitable for you from a variety of options. There are no restrictions on the sports category you can choose from. Deals can be made for absolutely all the sports available at the betting shop 1xbet. This includes both regional events and world-class events, including rare sports.

Other features of the 1xbet Uganda website include the following items:
  • The official website and technical support specialists are available around the clock. They can be contacted by users in any convenient way and at any time. The same applies to the Uganda domain;
  • A selection of markets is available from the advanced spreadsheet. All types of betting and variants of outcomes that the international version of the 1xbet website has to offer are available here;
  • Betting by mobile phone number is available. For this purpose, users are provided with a toll-free number. More details about this feature can be found in the section titled "Extras";
  • Residents of Uganda have access to the international forum of the bookmaker 1xbet;
  • Ugandan bettors have access to the bookmaker's international platform. There, players can post their views on strategy, chat with each other, leave comments, consult with other users and much more;
  • All announcements and offers on promotions and bonuses are available in the "Video feed" section;
  • Customers can contact the technical support specialists. They are available 24/7. They will be happy to help with any problems and give advice and guidance. Moreover, they can communicate in any language in which the website itself is available;
  • All financial transactions are under the control of the country's laws. If the bookmaker has not paid the winnings, it is possible to contact the law enforcement agencies;
  • The minimum betting limit is $3 and the maximum winnings are three million dollars. The bookmaker guarantees that it will pay the winnings within three days of the player's settlement. All user claims are accepted by the bookmaker's office within ten days;
  • Users of legal age are allowed to make transactions in the office;
  • The tax on winnings is 5% of the amount.


In conclusion, let us remind you that betting on sports at any betting shop is gambling entertainment, not a way to improve your financial situation. By betting, you are buying emotion. Play responsibly and with an understanding of the consequences, do not bet more than you can afford to lose without regret.

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