UNICS vs Zenit. Will Kazan be able to save the series at home?

UNICS and Zenit give out a fiery semi-final series, in which the club from St. Petersburg is still in the lead - 2-1. Kazan played very well on the road and returned home with a real opportunity to close the series. But while it is developing in a completely different way, the team allowed the opponent to come forward, and she herself was on the verge of an abyss. Now any mistake can be fatal.

Zenit prepared for the away series as responsibly as possible. He showed his character and broke the opponent's resistance in the third match. Now you can act from a position of strength, somewhere to allow yourself risky actions that can lead to the final triumph. On May 13, the rivals will again face each other on the floor of the Basket Hall arena in Kazan. 

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on UNICS vs Zenit


UNICS lost two matches in a row, so the emotional state leaves much to be desired. The successful start of the series gave reason for optimism. But then the opponent noticeably progressed, and the Kazan players were left to stagnate in one place. Such an approach will definitely not bring the desired result. The coaching staff should definitely work on the mistakes and think about how to fix the situation. In the last match, there was a noticeable imbalance between legionnaires and all other players. Brown and Khezonya scored the lion's share of points for two and looked just great, steadily replenished their personal account. But for other basketball players, the percentage of hits from a distance frankly left much to be desired, and the number of errors grew every minute. All this led to the fact that the right to misfire was no longer left.


Zenit had a sweeping first fight and realized the absurdity of such a decision. The strength of the team during the whole season was the defensive game. It is for this reason that we had to competently reorganize and look for new options for conducting the meeting. Bet began to be made on defensive actions, the utmost caution under his own ring. In addition, the opponent's techies are well picked up by overall basketball players. At the end, all this brings the desired result.

The coaching staff put discipline and strict adherence to all requirements and guidelines at the forefront. It is noticeable that basketball players try not to deviate from the set schemes, they act literally according to the textbook. True, leadership in the series can give room for creativity and experimentation. Right now, there is a great opportunity to force things and force the opponent to make effective mistakes.

UNICS vs Zenit

History of the confrontation

On May 13, the rivals will hold the 30th anniversary match. The minimum advantage in the account on the side of UNICS, which turned out to be stronger than 15 times. Zenit was able to answer this with 14 victories. The last full-time match took place on May 11 and ended with a score of 68:67 in favor of the club from St. Petersburg. The main protagonist of the meeting was Brown, who scored 21 points, made four rebounds and gave three assists. But even the activity of this basketball player did not allow Kazan to save the situation.

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UNICS continues to be a favorite at home, as they perform consistently well at home. You can bet on his potential victory with a coefficient of 1.452. Zenith is in the status of a "dark horse". He expects to put the squeeze on his opponent and make it to the final. A possible victory for the guests of the parquet is offered to play with a coefficient of 2.936. The base total of the match was set at around 150.5 points. They give a bet on its penetration with a coefficient of 1.9, and the reverse option is quoted at 1.92. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

UNICS quite unexpectedly released the threads of the series from his hands, put himself on the edge of the abyss. You can’t retreat, you have to give all your strength for the sake of victory and saving the situation. One gets the feeling that the team still has the potential to compete for getting into the final stage. But Zenith tasted blood, looks just great. He will try to play extremely disciplined and cautious. This approach may well bring the desired result. We predict that the opponents will play with caution, they will definitely not open up and take risks. They will not be able to break the total of 150.5 even by joint efforts (1.92).

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