CSKA vs SKA. Who will be stronger in the fourth match of the current series?

The fourth meeting of the army confrontation at the semifinal stage of the Gagarin Cup will again be held in Moscow. Hockey players of CSKA and SKA will take to the ice of the capital's CSKA Arena on Friday, April 8. At the moment, the score in the series is 2-1 in favor of CSKA.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on CSKA vs SKA


The winning streak of the capital's army team in the playoffs was interrupted in the tenth match, just in a rivalry with a principled opponent from St. Petersburg. Prior to this, CSKA unexpectedly easily overcame two starting rounds of the playoffs, having spent the minimum possible number of matches on Yaroslavl Lokomotiv and Moscow Dynamo. Here it is worth noting the work of the coaching staff of the army team, headed by Sergei Fedorov. Both Lokomotiv and Dynamo are completely diverse teams, which did not bother the army team at all, who completed both series with a dry score of 4-0.

The first game in St. Petersburg against SKA only confirmed the strength of the army club. The capital's team transformed a powerful starting segment into an abandoned puck by Sorkin, which predetermined the further course of the match. The hosts managed to even the score at the beginning of the second period, to which CSKA responded with a fiery ending, which included Popov and Kamenev's washers. The second game began according to an absolutely similar scenario - the second minute of the match and Popov's accurate shot put the capital's army team ahead. But this time it was not possible to put the squeeze on the opponent, the hosts responded with two accurate shots in the second period, setting the final score in the match 2-1. The return to Moscow for CSKA turned out to be triumphant. Wards of Sergei Fedorov, after two periods, were inferior 0-2, but in the third period they turned the game around, scoring six unanswered goals at the SKA gate.


A team from the banks of the Neva blew up the information space in early January, announcing the appointment of Roman Rotenberg as head coach. Such an experiment was met with skepticism by many, but so far the work of the newly minted coach does not cause any particular complaints. The army team finished the regular season, truncated due to coronavirus restrictions, in first place in the Western Conference, which made it possible to gain a certain advantage in cup seeding. Minsk Dynamo was completed in four matches, but the confrontation with Spartak turned out to be more stubborn. The army team managed to start the series with a 1-6 home defeat, but then managed to win four victories in a row with the same score of 2-1.

The opening matches of the confrontation with CSKA were noticeably reminiscent of the start of the series against Spartak. All the same first defeat in the home game, this time with a more worthy score of 1-3, which was replaced by a victory in the second match with a score of 2-1 already familiar to SKA. St. Petersburg could not continue the tradition that was pleasant for themselves, the first away match ended in a 2-6 defeat. Moreover, after 40 minutes of the game, SKA led the score with a comfortable margin of two goals, but outright failed the final period, missing six at once.



Fate brings two army teams together in the playoffs of the Gagarin Cup for the eighth time. As practice shows, the opponent wins in series. At first, SKA hockey players were stronger, passing on three times. In recent years, the trend has changed, four times in a row the series ended with the victory of CSKA hockey players. This season, the upcoming match will be the seventh for these teams, in four CSKA won (4-0, 3-1, 3-1 and 6-2), SKA hockey players were twice stronger (3-2 and 2-1).

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The victory in the third match only confirmed CSKA as the favorite of this confrontation, for the victory of the capital team in the upcoming match the coefficient is 1.83, while the possible success of SKA is offered with a coefficient of 3.75. The option with a draw at the end of regular time can be taken as 4.2. As for the overall performance of the teams, the bookmaker offered the following quotes: Total over (4.5) - 1.91, Total under (4.5) - 1.87. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

So far, this semi-final series passes without any surprises. Yes, SKA players were able to pull out one match on their teeth, but in general CSKA looks much more preferable. A striking confirmation of this is the third game, in which the capital's team confidently returned to the game after 0-2, simply smearing a demoralized opponent in the third period. Our prediction is for CSKA to win in regular time with odds of 1.83.

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