Avangard vs Metallurg. Will this fight be the last in this series?

The next game week in the KHL starts with a match in Balashikha, where Avangard Omsk and Metallurg Magnitogorsk will play their sixth match of the Gagarin Cup quarterfinal series. At the moment, the score in the series is 3-2 in favor of Metallurg.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Avangard vs Metallurg


The avant-garde risks laying down the powers of the current holder of the Gagarin Cup already following the results of the quarterfinals. The excellent start of the series with Metallurg was replaced by a series of misfires and now Omsk are one step away from relegation from the Gagarin Cup. Avangard played enchantingly in two away matches, sending 15 goals to Metallurg's goal. The first game ended with a uniform beating of Magnitogorsk, the score 8-1 speaks for itself. The debut of the second match was a kind of continuation of the first, by the 25th minute Avangard was already leading with a score of 5-1. This time there was no big victory, Metallurg managed to reduce the score to a minimum, but the victory remained with Omsk - 7-5 in the match and Avangard took the lead in the series 2-0.

Failed to develop success. A successful away series was followed by a failure in home matches, where the Omsk attack unexpectedly failed. Only three goals scored in two matches, despite the fact that there were 10 missed. Two defeats in a row 2-5 and 1-5 equalized the score in the series and the fifth match in Magnitogorsk became the key one. The avant-garde once again failed in defense, in the fourth match in a row, conceding five goals into its own net. The attack gained only two goals, as a result, the defeat was 2-5 and Avangard, after a successful start in the series, is already in the role of catching up.


If Avangard in the opening matches of the series surprised everyone with its abnormal performance, then Metallurg frankly failed in defense. To some extent, the departure of the main goalkeeper of the team, Olympic champion Juho Olkinuora, affected. Neither Koshechkin nor Nalimov were able to fully replace the Finn, missing a number of optional washers. And here it is worth paying tribute to the coaching staff of Metallurg, headed by Ilya Vorobyov. The team began to play more strictly in defense, while absolutely not to the detriment of the attack, which scored five goals in each of the subsequent matches.

Metallurg won two away matches with a score of 5-2 and 5-1, and then further developed the success with a home victory. The fifth game of the series on equal footing until the third period, at the beginning of which Avangard forward Nikita Soshnikov earned a stupid five-minute suspension, which eventually became decisive in the current match. Kerry in the majority brought the score to 3-1, followed by Leipsik converted a bullet, finally burying the hopes of the Vanguard. Metallurg's third victory in a row brought the Ural team close to reaching the semi-final, which is only one step away.

Avangard vs Metallurg


The history of rivalry between Avangard and Metallurg in the KHL has already exceeded 60 matches. The upcoming game will be 62 for these opponents, and so far Avangard is ahead in terms of the number of victories won, having won 32 times, while Metallurg has 29 won matches. It is worth noting the traditionally high performance in face-to-face meetings of these teams. So, in the last 10 matches, the opponents jointly scored 75 goals, that is, the average is 7.5 per game.

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Despite three defeats in a row, the bookmaker believes in the character of the Omsk hockey players, setting the odds of 2.34 for Avangard's victory, while Metallurg's success is tentatively estimated at 2.61. The option with overtime cannot be ruled out either, a draw according to the results of regular time is offered with a coefficient of 4.2. As for performance, everything is expected here: Total over (4.5) - 1.56, Total under (4.5) - 2.4. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

In the upcoming match, we advise you to pay attention to the performance of one of the teams, namely Metallurg. Magnitka became the top scoring team in the regular season, scoring an average of 3.5 goals per game. In the playoffs, this figure even increased, at the moment the team scores an average of 4.2 goals per game. The avant-garde, after the departure of two leading defenders (Caski and Pokka), is experiencing colossal problems in defense, having missed four games in a row for five goals. Our forecast is Metallurg's Individual Total over 2.5 with odds of 1.92.

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