Avangard vs Lada. Will Omsk residents be able to build on their success?

On March 3, the Omsk G-Drive Arena will host the second match of the cup confrontation between the local Avangard and Tolyatti Lada. At the moment the score in the series is 1-0 in favor of Avangard.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Avangard vs Lada


The Omsk team covered the long distance of the regular season quite well, claiming the final first place in the East until the last. As a result, Avangard became second in its conference, losing three points to Metallurg Magnitogorsk. Based on the last matches, it seemed that the Omsk team did not strive for first place in order to avoid a difficult flight to Khabarovsk to visit Amur in the first round of the playoffs. It is worth noting the excellent work of the management of the Omsk club, which already during the season made a number of targeted acquisitions that seriously strengthened the team. First of all, these are forwards Zhafyarov, Yurcho and Prokhorkin, from whom the second attacking trio was formed.

The final second place sent Avangard to a rendezvous with Lada in the first round of the playoffs. Already in the first match, the Omsk team fully confirmed their status as favorites in this confrontation. Already in the first period, thanks to the efforts of Boykov and Prokhorkin, Avangard gained a comfortable advantage of two goals. The Omsk team also scored two goals in the second period, this time Boucher and Igumnov scored. The guests managed to get one goal back, but it did not become a turning point. The final point in the match was set by 18-year-old Mikhail Gulyaev, who scored the hosts’ victory in the first match with a score of 5-1.


Despite the disastrous finish of the regular season, Lada may well count this season as an asset. After a long absence from the elite of domestic hockey, the Tolyatti club was predicted to play the role of an outsider, but at some point Lada even led in the East, ahead of richer and more titled clubs. There was frankly not enough strength for the entire distance of the championship, the short bench had an effect, so failures in the second part of the championship were to some extent expected. However, by February it became clear that Lada would make it to the playoffs, having avoided the nervous ending of the championship.

According to the results of the regular season, Lada became seventh in the East, which identified Omsk Avangard as an opponent in the first round. Initially, it was clear that Lada’s chances of ultimate success were minimal. The first match to some extent confirmed this. The equality in the first match remained only for eight minutes, then the pucks flew into the goal of Vladislav Podyapolsky, of which there were five in the end. Lada managed to respond with only one accurate shot, the goal scored by Georgy Solyannikov.

Avangard vs Lada


The teams played each other four times during the regular season. And it's worth noting that Lada looked pretty confident against their more titled opponent. The Togliatti team won 5-3 at home and then celebrated success in Omsk by beating Avangard 3-2. Avangard also had two wins, 2-1 away and 5-3 at home. It's worth noting that in the last six games between these teams in Omsk, Avangard's hockey players have scored at least four goals against Lada five times. Individual Total 1 over (3.5) 2.15. In total, these teams have played 18 face-to-face games in the KHL, with Avangard currently having 11 wins against Lada's 7 wins.

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Bookmaker quotes for the second game of the series are quite expected - Avangard's victory in regulation time is offered at odds of 1.5, while Lada's victory can be bet at odds of 5.5. In the history of this rivalry, the teams have played to a draw only twice, and the option with a possible overtime game can be taken for 5.0. Also, judging by the 1xbet odds, the upcoming game should be productive: total more (4.5) - 1.62, total less (4.5) - 2.25. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

A convincing win in the first game only confirmed Avangard as the clear favourite, so everything is expected in this pairing. Avangard has outshot their opponent by more than double - 47 to 23, so the 5-1 result is quite logical. It's unlikely that Lada will be able to change anything drastically in their game in two days, so once again we should expect serious domination of the Omsk team. Our prediction is Avangard win with a handicap (-1.5) at odds of 1.89.

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