MBA vs UNICS. Will basketball Moscow submit to Kazan?

The capital's MBA will play a home match against UNICS Kazan on January 23 as part of the main stage of the VTB United League for the 2023/24 season. The battle will take place on the floor of the Krylatskoye arena.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on MBA vs UNICS


Last season the team made its debut in the VTB League and it was great. The club looked very cool. In the current tournament, they expected something similar from the Muscovites, but the situation is developing sadly. Now the guys from MBA are only in 12th place out of 14 possible in the competition table. Muscovites have eight wins and 15 losses.

Recently the team went on a streak of three victories in a row. Here he beat Yenisei (5), PARI NN (13) and Minsk (15). It was great, but then the Muscovites lost again in the tournament (misfire with Astana (11)). The MBA has many problems and there is a feeling that they will definitely not go away until the end of the season.

In the last lost match with the guys from Kazakhstan, the Russian team stood out: Andrey Lopatin (17 points) and Evgeny Minchenko (11 points in attack, as well as five rebounds).

MBA can sometimes show great basketball, but this doesn’t happen often, plus there are opponents in the tournament that the team can’t beat at all because of the difference in class. Perhaps Kazan residents can be included here and this opinion will be absolutely objective.


The Kazan team is in very good shape. They gradually won second place in the VTB United League table. They currently have 17 wins and six losses. In their last match in the tournament, UNICS beat the star Zenit. The match was difficult, but everything worked out. This is cool, but you can’t relax, since St. Petersburg and Krasnodar are only one positive result behind in the VTB League table.

In the above-mentioned battle with Zenit, UNICS stood out: Dmitry Kulagin (13 points), Louis Laberie (12 points in the opponent’s basket, plus five rebounds), Nenad Dimitrievich (11 points in attack, eight collected goals on the board and seven assists), Marcos Knight (11 points), Jalen Reynolds (10 points to go along with five rebounds) and Ismael Bako (nine rebounds).

UNICS has its downturns during the season, but the team has character that helps it overcome such problems. This is how she became the VTB League champion last season and, apparently, is not averse to defending the title now. Well, now everything looks like such a plan may well be implemented, although the probability of such a situation is not 100%.


History of the confrontation

On November 26, 2023, the clubs already met in the first round of the current round of the VTB United League. The match took place in Kazan and ended in victory for the home team with a score of 87:78. Previously, the teams crossed paths five more times in their common history. In all these battles, basketball players from Tatarstan were stronger. The first meeting of the teams took place in October 2022.

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Game Totals Prediction

Kazan likes to attack. They will not deviate from their favourite style and will tear their opponent apart, working with an offensive bias. IBA will resist, but the Muscovites won't get anything meaningful out of this tactic. We expect a resounding victory for the visitors. Bet on handicap 2(-14,5) for 2.5.

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