UNICS vs Runa. Match of clubs from TOP-3 VTB League

UNICS and Runa will meet on November 9 in the main round match of the VTB United League 2023/24. The battle will take place on the floor of the Basket Hall arena in Kazan.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on UNICS vs Runa


The reigning champion of the tournament has had a predictably good start to the new season. He hasn’t gotten into top form yet, but the club is still strong. At the moment, the Kazan team is in the VTB League table with a balance of 6/1. The only defeat for UNICS here came from Samara, which was quite unexpected. Kazan is the most attacking team in the tournament, plus they have excellent field goal conversion and no problems with rebounds. Everything is very good.

Nenad Dimitrijevic was included in the symbolic top five of the round, which was published on October 23. During that period, UNICS played three matches. In them, the basketball player averaged almost 13 points per game, plus managed to collect almost 1.5 balls on the board and distributed about eight assists to his partners. This guy is really good and it seems that there are no longer any doubts about this fact.

A week later, Jalen Reynolds was named to a similar team. He made 27 points against Avtodor, plus the center managed to catch six balls on the board in this battle. In addition, the guy set his personal record for long-distance throws in the fight. He converted four of these shots out of five. Reynolds scored 41 efficiency points that day.

In a recent match with Zenit, his partners were led by Marcos Knight, who managed to score 22 points in that confrontation. UNICS is a versatile team where almost any basketball player can become a leader on the court.


The VTB United League debutant is very good. So far it looks very cool, and there is a feeling that Muscovites are not afraid of anyone. They are currently third in the overall standings of the competition with a balance of 5/2. The club was defeated in the championship by MBA and PARI NN.

In no case do I want to belittle Runa, but I must say that the battle with UNICS is her first real test of strength. Everything that happened before was not such a test. Taking into account all that has been said, there is some concern for the capital’s team. An easy walk definitely doesn’t await him in Kazan.

Who should be selected in the Vikings lineup? Tyus adds reliability in defense, Young can solve moments with skill, Ivanovic and Radanov open up the opponents' defense in passes and breaks. Hill is dangerous on the perimeter, Morgan is productive in the paint but can also punish from range.

UNICS vs Runa

History of the confrontation

Previously, the teams had never had the opportunity to compete on basketball courts. They will meet on November 9, 2023 in Kazan. Another battle of the pair will take place on January 5, 2024 in Moscow.

Odds from download 1xbet

For bookmakers everything is obvious in this match. They pay only 1.09 for the home team's victory. The guests' win at 1xbet costs 7.5. The total under (162.5) is estimated at 1.9. Bets on overcoming this points ceiling are multiplied by 1.9. The odds on the handicap 1(-14.5) is 1.9. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

No miracles are expected here. The home team will crush their opponents, putting them in their place. They will bring the Muscovites at least five attacks under the siren. Bet on Handicap 1(-14.5) for 1.9.

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