MBA vs Zenit. Another derby of two capitals in the VTB United League

On December 17, the capital's MBA will host St. Petersburg Zenit in one of the matches of the VTB United League 2023/24 regular season. The fight will take place on the floor of the Krylatskoye sports complex in Moscow.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on MBA vs Zenit


Last season, the team made its debut in the VTB United League, and it managed to loudly declare itself. In the current tournament, something similar was expected from the Muscovites, but everything did not go according to plan. Now the guys from the MBA occupy only 12th place out of 14 possible in the competition table. They have only five wins in 16 matches. Weak. The club is on a series of five misfires in a row. The last time capital basketball players achieved success in the VTB League was about one month ago. The unsuccessful period dragged on for a long time.

In the last match, MBA lost without a chance to Lokomotiv, but the Muscovites had their heroes in this battle. Here we should mention Evgeniy Minchenko, who made a double-double of 18 points and ten rebounds, plus Daniil Kasatkin deserves words of praise (14 points in attack, seven collected goals on the board).

MBA now resembles a recruiting of basketball players who can show great individual statistics and nothing more. These guys are not able to become a cohesive team that can impose competition on the big teams of the VTB League. There are questions for the coach here, but that’s all later, and now, unfortunately, you shouldn’t expect any quick fix to the situation. Everything is heading towards the fact that Muscovites will not enter the Winners’ Stage. Moreover, if everything goes on like this, they may even miss the playoffs.


After a poor start to the season, the club managed to gain a very strong momentum. Before the last round, he was second in the VTB League table, but in their last match, the St. Petersburg team lost to CSKA (the leader of the competition) and fell back one position in the overall standings. The team now has 11 wins with five losses. In any case, this result should be considered worthy. Although you can’t relax, because Loko (11/6) and Enisey (10/7) are just waiting for this.

The above-mentioned battle against the “army team” may have revealed the problems of the St. Petersburg team. In regular time, the “blue-white-sky blues” looked very good (82:82), but in overtime they failed. Probably didn’t have enough strength (7:22).

In that battle, Zenit's leaders were: Trent Fraser (21 points), Thomas Ertel (18 points in attack and six assists), Vince Hunter (17 points in the opponent's basket and five rebounds) and Bojan Dubljevic with a double-double of 11 points and 12 collected balls on the backboard. Not bad statistics, but did not lead to success. Plus, we note that none of the St. Petersburg basketball players made it into the final symbolic five of the tour.

MBA vs Zenit

Odds from download 1xbet

For bookmakers, Zenit is the clear favourite for the match. They give only 1.14 for its success. The victory of the home team is estimated at 1xbet with odds of 5.75. Bets on the total under(156.5) are multiplied by 1.9. 1.9 is also paid for breaking this points barrier. If you take handicap 2(-14,5), you can multiply your money by 2.23. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

The winner of the match is very clear. Zenit will take this game in class. Plus he will work actively in attack and bring it to a rout. In this case, it makes sense to bet on a handicap of 2(-14.5) for 2.23. Quite a tasty odds and no risks, given the difference in the condition of the clubs' basketball players.

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