Barcelona vs Fenerbahce. Big teams match

Barcelona will host Fenerbahce on December 8th on the basketball court of the Palau Blaugrana sports complex in the capital of Catalonia. The game will take place as part of the 13th round of the Euroleague regular season 2023/24.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Barcelona vs Fenerbahce


In 12 matches of the tournament, the team achieved nine victories. With this result, the team is in second place in the overall Euroleague standings. The result is more than worthy. In the last match, the team lost to Virtus, and earlier he was on a streak of three battles without defeat.

The aforementioned meeting with the Italians took place on the opponent's territory. Her total score is 75:80. If you need to highlight someone in the Barcelona lineup in this battle, then you need to name Hernangomez (15 points and five rebounds), plus Vesely (13/6). Laprovittola, Satoransky and Brizuela each scored nine points in attack, plus they had 14 assists between them. Overall, the team's players played a good match, but not an outstanding one, and the opponents on this day were simply better.

The match with the Italians is typical basketball from Barça. She is the kind of team that knows how and loves to create difficulties for itself. This doesn't happen too often, but it does happen. Caicedo is suffering from an untreated leg injury and will not play on December 8th because of this.


In the Euroleague round before last, the team beat Real (first place) at home in overtime and broke its long series of losses. Next was a trip to Baskonia, which ended in the defeat of the Turks with a score of 79:80. It's a shame, but worthy. So far, everything is going well for Fener with the Spaniards. We need to build on our success in Barcelona. The Turks are currently in tenth place in the table (6/6).

Hayes scored 19 points in the match against the Basques, plus added six assists and four rebounds. Guduric had 14/3/4. Motley is 11/1/2. Dorsey scored nine points on offense. Pierre had five rebounds in this match. Kalathes and Shanly have four each.

We must act with the Catalans as in the battle with the Madrid team. In that game, “Fener” did not show good accuracy in two-point shots, did not take the shield, but he was persistent and accurate in shots from behind the arc and this moment became key. Yes, that fight took place at home, where the rings were shot, everything will be different on the road, but we have to try. Plus, Barcelona does not always reliably collect rebounds, so it turns out that with them you can look for your happiness on rebounds. If you manage to dominate at this moment, then second chances for shots will appear and life will become much easier.

Papayannis will miss the match with the Catalans due to injury. Plus, everything is still not clear about Birsen’s health. He may have time to recover before this battle, but this is not certain.

Barcelona vs Fenerbahce

History of the confrontation

In the last match of the pair, the Turks were stronger (03/10/23). Previously, the Catalans had a streak of seven victories in a row here, which began in November 2019. Even before this, Fener beat Barça seven times in a row. This segment began in December 2014.

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Game Totals Prediction

Both teams want to win and believe in their strengths. The clubs have great players. The outcome of the battle in this case is impossible to predict. We are in for a crazy basketball game, in which the total score on the scoreboard by the final siren will be relatively high. We take the total over (160) for 1.9.

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