Runa vs CSKA. New Moscow derby in the VTB United League

Runa and CSKA will sort out their basketball relationship on November 18 in the regular season match of the VTB United League for the 2023/24 season. The Moscow Derby will take place on the parquet floor of the Dynamo Sports Palace in Krylatskoye.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Runa vs CSKA


With a balance of 6/3, the team is in conditional fourth place, having a match in reserve before some competitors who are ranked higher. If you win it, then in certain scenarios you can pull yourself up a little higher. Runa's start in the VTB League 2023/24 should be considered strictly positive.

In their last match, the Vikings lost to Yenisei. It seems that this should not have happened, but Krasnoyarsk are now unrealistically good, and it is not for nothing that they occupy third place in the table (7/3). It turns out that the capital's basketball players lost to a strong opponent, and did not fail out of the blue. Although this also happened to them less than a month ago, when they lost in the Moscow derby to MBA (tenth position in the overall tournament standings right now).

In the lost match with Yenisei, the execution from distance let us down, but there were reasons for joy in that battle. Hill (20 points and seven assists), Morgan (17 points in attack, eight rebounds and five passes) and Popov (ten points into the opponent’s hoop and five collected goals on the board) performed well.


The club started the season in the VTB United League very well. He won nine starting matches in a row, and nothing foreshadowed trouble, but the Kuban “railroad” team besieged the “army team” in an extreme battle on the road. From a tournament point of view, nothing terrible happened. CSKA leads the VTB United League table with a balance of 9/1, but there is an unpleasant aftertaste.

In the match with Loko, everything was decided in the first quarter. The Muscovites slept through the opponent's breakthrough and then failed to win it back. It cannot be said that the “red-blues” failed this battle. The Southerners were simply incomparable.

For this game in CSKA it is worth noting: Trimble (20 points and six rebounds), Ware (18 points in the opponent’s basket), Jean-Charles (15), M’Bye (nine points in the opponent’s basket and five collected balls on the board) and Astapkovich (eight points and five assists).

Why did the army team lose? Long streaks of success are relaxing. This is a fact that cannot be avoided, and the Krasnodar team is such a perky team that can create real miracles on the floor. This is what happened. Next, CSKA will again be a formidable force in the VTB League 2023/24. It will not fall to pieces from one misfire. The club will only become angrier as a result of what happened.

Runa vs CSKA

History of the confrontation

Never before have two Moscow teams crossed paths. This is their first battle. Another match of the clubs will take place as part of the return in the current round of the VTB United League 2023/24. This will happen on January 18 next year.

Odds from download 1xbet

Bookmakers do not see any intrigue in the upcoming battle. For them, the Army Men are clear favourites. They give only 1.25 for Victory 2. The odds for Victory 1 are 3.95. Bets on the total under (166.5) are multiplied by 1.82. If you bet on breaking this points ceiling, you can increase your money by 1.88 times. Handicap 2(-8.5) pays 1.8. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

CSKA is the main force in the VTB League today. Runa is a classy newcomer to the tournament with a brash nature that reminds me of last season's IBA. This battle will be decided by class and experience, which are on the Army Men's side. There's no intrigue to be found here. "The Red-Blues will confidently get a positive result, keeping a safe distance from their opponent. We take the handicap 2(-8.5) for 1.8.

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