Prediction for the fight Magomed Ankalaev vs Johnny Walker

After an extremely tense meeting with Blachowicz last December, Magomed Ankalaev disappeared from the radar and was biding his time to return. Perhaps UFC 294 is the ideal moment for a comeback, especially in a fight with a completely rebooted Johnnie Walker. For Magomed, October 21 will be a difficult task, since such a creative drummer with such dimensions will be encountered on his way for the first time. Will Caucasian endurance be able to cope with Brazilian expression?

Magomed Ankalaev vs Johnny Walker

Magomed Ankalaev

The second number in the rating has an impressive background in combat sambo and amateur MMA. Before us is a master of sports in combat sambo, MSMK in mixed martial arts, as well as a world champion among amateurs in this discipline. Competing in the light heavyweight division under the auspices of the WFCA, Magomed won the champion title by defeating Maxim Grishin, and after signing a contract with the UFC, he lost only once in 11 fights.


Ankalaev is versatile, he knows how to fight from different stances, has the ability to act on counterattacks or move forward aggressively, and most importantly, he is not lacking in ground skills. Moreover, depending on the opponent’s style, Magomed can either work for points, without much emphasis, or score knockouts in the first round. At the same time, the athlete is ready for fights for 5 rounds.


As the last match showed, Ankalaev has serious problems with defense against kicks. Even his corner notes that the fighter has such a trait as a late start - for unknown reasons, he can show minimal activity in the first rounds. And with takedowns, not everything is smooth either, fortunately, in the UFC he had to deal, for the most part, with basic strikers.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Magomed is 31 years old, and before the draw with Blachowicz he was on a streak of 9 victories. There was also a place for veterans like Smith, Santos, Oezdemir, and Nikita Krylov and Kucelaba also got their share. After a lackluster title match and quite a long downtime, Ankalaev simply has to work on his mistakes and show his maximum. His conditioning was always in perfect order, but in this case it was important that his team prepared an ideal game plan, because Magomed faced a very difficult opponent.

Magomed Ankalaev vs Johnny Walker

Johnny Walker

For six months, the Brazilian remains the proud owner of 7th place in the ranking. Despite his origins, Johnny was always in search of a better life on the European continent, where he became a champion in two leagues: Ultimate Challenge MMA and European Beatdown. He also has a brown belt in BJJ, although the athlete became known in the light heavyweights as a striker with a very unique style.


Walker skillfully uses his long limbs, has a very heavy blow, and also appropriately uses non-standard movements, relying on an unexpected, single punch, or kick, or whatever it takes. It is difficult to read, fast, and most importantly, which has become noticeable only recently, it has stopped forcing events where it is unnecessary. Johnny is gaining experience, begins to understand what a game plan is, and already has experience working in long matches, and for him such things are a revelation.


The Brazilian's main problem is his defense, at all levels. Often he relies on reaction, but behind his own attacks or their preparation, he sometimes does not see the enemy’s obvious counterattacks. On the ground floor, regardless of BJJ, he should also act only as the first number, because from the back Johnny can do few things, losing a lot of energy in attempts to rise.

The current form and readiness of the fighter

Walker is 31 years old and has fought back three times in a calendar 11 months, winning each bout. Ion Cutelaba and Paul Craig were defeated in the 1st round, but Anthony Smith had to tinker with all 3 segments. Johnny, as mentioned above, found the ideal team, where his physical characteristics are systematically combined with tactical thinking, and some kind of understanding of professional combat. However, there are a lot of gaps in the Brazilian’s game and, given the serious jump in the level of the opposition, he will have to give almost the most ideal performance of his entire career.

Comparative analysis

Johnny will be taller than his opponent (8 cm), and will be ahead of him in his arm span by an impressive 18 centimeters. Magomed had difficulties with Ian, who was less explosive and speedy, at least in the first half of the fight, and now he will have to face a guy who kicks a lot and always attacks from a long distance. So, for Ankalaev, the strategy of working for points, where he will shoot at his counterpart from a safe distance, is immediately excluded.

In this case, he will definitely not have enough 3 rounds to slow down Walker and confidently interrupt him. It is much more likely that the enemy will be able to take the initiative if there is no pressure on him. Ideally, Magomed needs to get through his opponent’s far from confident defense against takedowns, and copy the way Nikita Krylov behaved when he fought the Brazilian – wrestling and nothing more. In this situation, Victoria will be in his pocket.

If Ankalaev decides to act as before, then he will have to rely on the 3rd round to finish the slowed-down Johnny. He will throw a lot of kicks and create serious problems until he starts to sag in cardio, and for him to sag, Magomed needs that same pressure and tough fight. At first glance, it’s quite simple, but how he will solve the problem of size and physical strength is an open question.

Magomed Ankalaev vs Johnny Walker Prediction

Bookmakers were quick to establish such a gap in odds, especially against the backdrop of Magomed’s extreme fight and Johnny’s recent successes. It is worth noting that anyone can give away the finish here, and the Brazilian has much more knockouts in his statistics. Yes, Ankalaev is better on the ground, and in the overall standings he is more technical and defends himself more competently in the standing position, but still, at first it will not be easy for him to get close to the enemy.

Be that as it may, it’s hard to believe that the meeting will end quickly, at least until the equator, we are unlikely to see a knockout TB (1.5) 1.43. The winner, in this case, seems to me to be the more prudent and experienced Magomed, although Johnny, in his current form and with his kicker skills, has very good chances for an upset, in the KO/TKO video, but betting on this is extremely risky, because -for his instability in battles with tops. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Prediction: Total over (1.5) by rounds / Victory of Magomed Ankalaev

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