Avtomobilist vs Salavat Yulaev. How will the match of competitors in the Eastern Conference end?

Avtomobilist will start the second game week of the KHL regular season with a home match against Salavat Yulaev from Ufa. The meeting will take place on the ice of the Yekaterinburg Uralets Arena on September 4.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Avtomobilist vs Salavat Yulaev


The Ural club is one of the most financially prosperous clubs in the League, but Avtomobilist still cannot achieve any high-profile success. Avtomobilist made it to the playoffs nine times in its history, but the team went beyond the first round only once. Last season for the Avtomobilist passed according to the already familiar scenario. A rather good regular season with a traditional failure in the middle of the championship, it would seem, spoke of good prospects for the playoffs, but the first round once again became a stumbling block for Avtomobilist. Leading in the series with Metallurg 3-2, Avtomobilist lost two games in a row, missing out on his geographical neighbor.

The main acquisition of the summer off-season for the Avtomobilist was the former goalkeeper of Amur Evgeny Alikin. After Yakub Kovarzh left the team, Avtomobilist did not have a strong first number for two seasons, and now, with the arrival of Alikin, this problem should be solved. At the same time, the results of Avtomobilist's pre-season test matches are not particularly impressive yet. Only two wins in seven matches played, with five defeats. The attack of the Ural club does not work, 20 abandoned goals, while eight of them fell on the duel against the frankly dismantled HC Sochi.

Salavat Yulaev

Hockey Ufa is learning to live without legionnaires. In their best seasons, Salavat Yulaev was dragged by the Scandinavian stars, and now there is only one legionnaire in the team - Alexander Khmelevsky, who scored 53 points for performance last season (30 + 23). In this composition, the Ufa team gave out a decent regular season in terms of quality, taking second place in the East. The excellent results of the regular season were crossed out by the failure in the playoffs, where Salavat Yulaev quite unexpectedly dropped out in the first round, sensationally losing to Admiral.

If we analyze the Ufa transfer campaign in the past off-season, then at first glance the team remained on their own. The departed Antipin, Murphy and Mukhamadullin were replaced by Vasilevsky, Lugovyak and Khafizullin. The rebuilt line of defense is still far from ideal, in the course of the pre-season training camp, on average, passing three goals per game. In seven control matches, the Ufa team has four wins and three losses, with a difference of 23-21 goals.

Avtomobilist vs Salavat Yulaev


Last season, all four face-offs ended in favor of the Ufa club, and in each of these games Salavat Yulaev scored at least three pucks individual total of the second over (2.5) 2.42. In mid-August, these teams played a friendly game, and in that game Ufa also scored more than two pucks, beating Avtomobilist 4-3. In total, the history of confrontation between Avtomobilist and Salavat Yulaev in the KHL has 43 meetings, in which Avtomobilist won in 19 cases, while Salavat Yulaev has 24 victories. The puck difference is also in favor of the Ufa club 120-106.

Odds from download 1xbet

Looking at the betting quotes, the chances of winning the match hosts are still higher. The coefficient for the victory of the Avtomobilist is 2.26 in 1xbet, while the possible victory of Salavat in regular time can be taken as 2.9. Judging by the statistics, every fourth match of these rivals ends outside the regular time, you can bet on the next draw with a coefficient of 4. The quotes for the total performance of the teams are as follows: Total over (4.5) - 1.85, Total under (4.5) - 1.96. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

As the practice of the last few seasons shows, Avtomobilist usually brightly starts the championship. All the prerequisites for the continuation of this tradition are now. Ufimtsy frankly not impressed during the pre-season training camp, experiencing serious problems in the updated line of defense. Avtomobilist's attack, which has become even stronger over the summer off-season, may well take advantage of this. Our forecast is the Individual Total of the Avtomobilist over 2.5 with a coefficient of 2.02.

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