Avangard vs Avtomobilist. Who will win the Eastern Conference Leadership Battle?

Omsk "G-Drive Arena" on January 8 will be the venue for a key fight in terms of the fight for the first place in the Eastern Conference. The local Avangard, which has gained momentum, will receive the Yekaterinburg Avtomobilist in distress on home ice.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Avangard vs Avtomobilist


Due to the delayed launch of the home arena, the Omsk Avangard was forced to play all September only on the road, which could not but affect the results of the team. Another serious shock was the change in the coaching staff, the charismatic Bob Harley was replaced by the domestic specialist Dmitry Ryabykin, who was never able to continue the undertakings of the Canadian coach. As a result, by mid-October, Ryabykin was dismissed, and the team was headed by Mikhail Kravets.

It is the arrival of Kravets that should be considered the starting point in the formation of the current Vanguard. Albeit without much brilliance, but the team began to score points, gradually pulling up to the leaders of the conference. After the December pause in the championship, Avangard gave out a seven-match winning streak, interrupting it with an offensive misfire in Novosibirsk. A possible victory over Siberia lifted Omsk to first place in the Eastern Conference, but having conceded two unanswered goals in the first period, Omsk in the end could not save the fight. However, Avangard is currently third in the East, with 60 points behind the leaders Metallurg and Avtomobilist by only two points.


If Avangard, after the December pause in the championship, gave out its best game segment, Avtomobilist, on the contrary, frankly fell down after a forced break. By mid-December, it seemed that the fate of the first place in the East was decided, Avtomobilist passed the tournament distance almost perfectly, avoiding failures. The gap from the closest competitors was approaching 10 points, Avtomobilist had no personnel problems - everything indicated that the championship pace would be maintained.

The return after a week and a half break turned out to be a nightmare for the Urals, the team crumbled before our eyes. Seven defeats in a row, including two 0-5 and 1-7 defeats from Avangard, can psychologically break the players of the Ural club, which is not very good on the eve of the upcoming playoffs. As for Avtomobilist's standings in the standings, here, despite a number of unsuccessful matches, everything is going well for the Urals. The spectacle reserve allowed Avtomobilist to maintain leadership in the East, however, competitors have already come close. Avtomobilist has 62 points, Metallurg has the same number, and Vanguard is one victory away.

Avangard vs Avtomobilist


At the start of the season, the motorist easily dealt with the Omsk team, winning a home victory with a score of 4-2. The next two matches between these rivals fell on a serious game crisis Avtomobilist, which Avangard players took full advantage of. The victory at home 5-0, and then 7-1 away, once again confirmed the excellent current form of the Omsk club. The statistics of away matches also does not speak in favor of the Avtomobilist, in the last seven games that took place on the ice of the Omsk club, Avangard invariably won, with a difference of goals in these meetings 27-9.

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The results of the latest matches do not leave the bookmaker a choice, Avangard is the clear favorite of the upcoming match, with odds of 1.85 to win. The chances of Avtomobilist's final success are much lower - 3.8, the option with a draw can be taken as 4.1. As for the expected performance in the upcoming match, 1xbet specialists are inclined to a large number of goals scored: Total over (4.5) - 1.61, Total under (4.5) - 2.27. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

The game form of the teams is now simply incomparable. Avant-garde, with the exception of an offensive misfire in Novosibirsk, taking out rival after rival, and Avtomobilist, completely disassembled and demoralized. Only in the last 10 days Avangard twice easily dealt with Avtomobilist, and devastating victories happened both in the Omsk match and in the game in Yekaterinburg. Nothing should prevent the Omsk team from winning a third victory over the Urals. Our prediction is Avangard victory in regular time with odds of 1.85.

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