Australia vs Germany. Match of the second round of the Basketball World Cup

Australia and Germany will meet on August 27 in the second round of the group stage of the FIBA World Championship. It will be hosted by the parquet floor of the Okinawa Arena stadium.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Australia vs Germany


The national team occupies the third place in the FIBA world ranking. She announced ten basketball players for the tournament at once, who represent NBA clubs. Australians should not be underestimated. They are dangerous and extremely skilled.

The team got to the World Championship by winning in its group in the qualifying tournament. Then she held five control battles in preparation for the championship of the planet. Here she has four victories (97:41 against Venezuela, 88:67 against South Sudan and 78:74 against France, 86:81 against Georgia) and, accordingly, one defeat (86:90 against Brazil). Australia is a medal contender for World Cup 23.


The Germans won in their qualifying group and quietly went to the World Cup-23. Then the team took part in the DBB Super Bowl, where they lost to the Canadians in overtime in the final. After that, German basketball players played two friendly matches while preparing for the upcoming world championship. Here they had a victory over Greece (84:71) and a defeat against the USA (91:99).

In the FIBA rating, the team has now settled in 11th place and this alignment can be called quite worthy. The application of the national team for the tournament speaks of the intentions of the Germans to make some noise here. The main star of the team in the upcoming competition will be Schroeder from the Lakers. We also note that Voigtman, who not so long ago defended the colors of our capital CSKA, came to the tournament from Germany.

Australia vs Germany

History of the confrontation

The teams have four general matches. The first of them took place in 2010 at the World Championship. The Australians won it with a score of 78:43. Further, the teams crossed paths at the Stankovic Continental Cup in 2013. Here the Australian team again achieved success (79:64). In 2019, the Germans achieved a positive result in a pair in a friendly match (74:64). The most recent rivalry between national teams took place in 2021 at the Olympics. Here luck was on the side of the Australians (89:76).

Game Totals Prediction

The Australians will take the match on class (Win 1), taking matters into their own hands from the start and predictably taking the first half of the battle. The Germans will fight back, but they won't be able to stop their opponent. The nominal hosts will score anyway, given their good squad. Intrigue in the end is not foreseen here either. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

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