Olympiacos vs Monaco. Will the Euroleague curse repeat itself?

Greek Olympiacos will play with Monaco on May 19 as part of the Final Four of the Euroleague 2022/23. The game will take place on the floor of the Zalgiris Arena in Kaunas (Lithuania).

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Olympiacos vs Monaco


The Greeks won the Euroleague 2022/23 regular season. It was quite unexpected. Further, they did not go without problems in the first round of the playoffs of Fenerbahce (3:2), who took only eighth place in the last stage of the competition. If we talk in terms of results, then so far everything is fine, but if we talk about quality, then the torment with the Turks is a little annoying.

Vezenkov is the leader of the Euroleague 2022/23 in terms of points per game (17.2) and utility on the floor (21.2). He is second in rebounds (6.8). Wokcup is third in assists (5.6) and best in steals (1.8). Slowkas shares with the aforementioned basketball player a place in the TOP of the best assistants (5.6).

Olympiacos has a great squad. There are a lot of bright personalities here who show stable results throughout the season, but there is one problem. So far, never in the history of the Euroleague has a trophy been taken by a team that won the regular season. Moreover, clubs that started the playoffs without the advantage of their parquet more often enter the main match of the competition. These are just statistics, but...


The club has recently added a lot. So far, objectively, he has not a very rich history. Monaco has two trophies in the trophy room. The first for the French championship and the second for the Eurocup. The Monegasques became stronger when Mike James, known for playing and antics for CSKA Moscow, moved to the team. The American is talented, but very capricious. So far, the team's mentor Sasha Obradovic manages to keep the star in a positive direction. Getting Monaco in the playoffs is the purest merit of James. In the quarterfinals, the club defeated Maccabi (3:2) and Mike scored again here. Yes, there are other good performers in the line-up (Okobo, Loyd, Brown, and so on), but the aforementioned American is the number one figure here, period.

As long as the leader is healthy and calm, then the team is doing well, but there are fears that if something does not go according to plan in the match against the Greeks, and this may be, since the opponent is incredibly dangerous, he will flare up and arrange a conflict out of the blue . If this happens, then the Monegasques with a probability of 99.9% will lose.

Olympiacos vs Monaco

History of the confrontation

In the current Euroleague regular season, the clubs played two matches. Both times the Monegasques were stronger in them (81:76 away and 64:60 at home). Previously, the teams have crossed paths eight more times as part of their common history. In those battles, it was 5:3 in terms of victories in favor of the Greeks. The first battle of the teams took place in the fall of 2021.

Odds from download 1xbet

The Greeks are the clear favourites for the bookmakers. A win for Olympiacos is priced at 1.44. Bets on Monaco's win are multiplied by 2.8. The odds on total under (158.5) are 1.9. Breaking this performance bar is also priced at 1.9. A handicap of 1(-5.5) would increase your bankroll by a factor of 1.9. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

The nominal hosts of the floor will go head to head from the start. Jams and company will take up the challenge. A high-scoring game is expected - a toss-up over (158.5), which will be won by whoever is objectively strongest, i.e. the Olympiacos boys - Victory 1. In this case, one is not a warrior on the court.

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