CSKA vs Nizhny Novgorod. Is there a sensation here?

On March 22, the Megasport Arena sports complex in Moscow will host the match between the local CSKA and Nizhny Novgorod, which will come to visit him as part of the Winners' Stage of the VTV United League 2022/23.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on CSKA vs Nizhny Novgorod


"CSKA" went through the regular season without defeat, taking first place there. In the Winners' Stage, the club stumbled a couple of times, but at the same time, it has long guaranteed itself the top line in the table here. In the playoffs, he will play with the second team from group B. With all due respect to the Losers Stage, rival CSKA will not have a chance in the series. It turns out that now Muscovites can just keep fit and nothing more. They don’t need to tear and throw on the floor, they need to play carefully to avoid any injuries. The situation is comfortable.

Whatever it was, but CSKA brought together the best of the best. These guys, even playing at half their capacity, are able to destroy Nizhny Novgorod, especially with their own audience, which wants cool basketball and a sea of beautiful balls. Milutinov and Shved are not averse to working for their personal awards, which they can receive at the finish of the tournament.

Nizhny Novgorod

The club finished the 2022/23 VTB United League regular season in fourth place. In the Winners Stage, he still manages to defend his own. Loko is one positive result behind. HH and the "railroad" will play in the playoffs, and for the remainder of the round between them only the parquet advantage is played in the knockout meetings. The defeat of Nizhny Novgorod from CSKA will not be a verdict for them in this regard, since the “locomotives” are playing in parallel with UNICS, and there is one more round of the competition ahead.

Of course, the guys from NN will try to play with CSKA to win, but, to be honest, there may be a case when they cannot jump above their heads. The difference in class with the capital they have is incredible. Here it remains to hope only for chance, luck or for underestimation of oneself by the opponent, or maybe for all this together and at once. Even their most ardent fan cannot come up with objective reasons for Nizhny Novgorod's victory in the match.

CSKA vs Nizhny Novgorod

History of the confrontation

In the current VTB United League 2022/23, the teams have already crossed paths three times (twice in the regular season, as well as a game from the Winners' Stage). In all these matches, the "soldiers" were stronger (109:79 and 89:70 on the road, and 107:63 at home). Muscovites are paired on a series of ten wins in a row. HN basketball players defeated CSKA for the last time in May 2021.

Odds from download 1xbet

For the bookmakers everything is very simple and the home team is the favorite. For their victory they give only 1.12. At the same time for the winning of the visiting team they pay 6.25. Bets on the total less (165.5) are multiplied by 1.77. If you take a breakthrough of this points ceiling, you can increase your money by 1.94 times. The odds on handicap 1(-14.5) are 2.1. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

CSKA will blow away Nizhny Novgorod (Win 1). There can be no intrigue here, and the visitors will be defeated with a 1(-14.5) handicap, but the Army team will give some freedom to their opponents on offense and will sometimes be lazy in defense, so the overall score promises to be relatively big - Total Over (165.5).

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