MBA vs Nizhny Novgorod. Broken morally versus motivated?

On March 15, IBA and Nizhny Novgorod will compete for the win in the Winners' Stage of the VTB United League 2022/23. The meeting will be held on the floor of the Basket Hall sports complex in the capital of Russia. The stands of the arena can accommodate up to 5,000 fans.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on MBA vs Nizhny Novgorod


Muscovites entered the VTB United League well. In their debut 2022/23 season, they finished fifth in the regular season, advancing to the Winners' Stage. In this round, they began to have serious problems. Either they ran out of steam, or the rivals were dispersed, but the result was the lack of victories for the Muscovites three games before the end of the current stage of the competition. Yes, the MBA will make it to the playoffs, but the team will face a difficult opponent, and with a high degree of probability they will immediately fly out.

Why is this happening? You can't just enter the VTB United League and become its leader if yesterday you were the middle peasant in the Superleague. Many people around basketball thought that this was possible, since the supposedly elite division of the country was uncompetitive, but in reality it was proved that this was not the case. The MBA has little experience and class. There are good performers in the club, but this is not enough. They can become the backbone, but good signings are needed to build a powerful team around him. There are simply no other ways of development, and this will obviously not be done very quickly, the process will drag on for more than one season.

Nizhny Novgorod

The club does not have enough stars from the sky in the VTB United League, but it does not give up its own here either. Nizhny Novgorod finished the regular season of the tournament in fourth place in the overall standings. Now they are trying not to give it to the more skillful Loko. So far it works. Basketball players HH with a probability of 99% will have to fight with the "railroad" in the playoffs. At the moment, it is important to get the advantage of native parquet here. It turns out that the remainder of the matches in the Winners' Stage is the most important for Nizhny Novgorod.

After the battle with the MBA, the team will have a meeting with Zenit, and then again a duel with the Muscovites. Objectively, the club doesn't have a lot of chances against the St. Petersburg team, so you have to throw your forces into battles with the guys from the capital. Ideally, it would be to break them in the first game (March 15) in order to gain a psychological advantage over them, and then consolidate the success later (03.25), if necessary (depending on the parallel performances of Lokomotiv).

MBA vs Nizhny Novgorod

History of the confrontation

This season the teams have already crossed paths twice in the main stage of the VTB United League. Here, at first, the guys from the MBA were stronger (87:80 away in overtime after 72:72). Later, Nizhny Novgorod in Moscow took a more than convincing revenge (88:55). Previously, the teams crossed paths two more times in their common history. In September last year, the capital's basketball players were better in the game for third place in the Gomel Cup (69:66). Even before that (09/12/21) Nizhny Novgorod got a positive result in a friendly battle against Muscovites (98:61).

Odds from download 1xbet

A match of roughly equal teams. There is no clear favorite in it, according to bookmakers, although there is a slight advantage in favor of the home team. For the Victory 1 pay 1.58. Bets on Victory 2 are multiplied by 2.5. The odds on the total less (159.5) are 1.78. Breaking this point ceiling is worth 1.98. Handicap 2(-1.5) is estimated at 2.6. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

Negative experiences are also experiences. The guys at the IBA need to think that way, especially since things are very good for them. They had a great showing in their debut season, making it first to Group A and then to the playoffs. In this case, however, the Nizhny Novgorodians will break them down on experience and class without any intrigue - Victory 2 and a handicap of 2 (-1.5). The home team will fight to the last basket. We expect a relatively large score in the match - the total more (159.5).

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