CSKA vs MBA. Match of the favorite of the VTB United League with the newcomer of the tournament

On October 17, the 2022/23 VTB United League will host a capital derby. The eminent CSKA will host the MBA, which is a newcomer to the competition. The game will take place at the Krylatskoye Arena in Moscow.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on CSKA vs MBA


The club, despite the difficulties that covered it last season, remains in business. After three matches in the new VTB United League, the "soldiers" are in the lead, having the best numbers in terms of attack and the second in defense. First, CSKA broke Samara on the road (85:72), then defeated Tsmoki-Minsk at home (107:63), and then beat Lokomotiv-Kuban away (84:64).

Muscovites lost several of their stars in the spring and summer, but the remaining roster quite well pulls the level of the current VTB League. Now there is no Euroleague for Russian teams, therefore, it is possible that for CSKA everything has not changed much in the framework of the national championship. Who makes the result at the start of the season in the Muscovites? Swede, Milutinov, Weyer, Davidovac, Antonov and others.

It should be noted that only CSKA, UNICS and MBA are the only teams in the current championship draw that have managed to score over 100 points per match. At the moment, the “soldiers” have the best point difference (276:199). Everyone who said that Muscovites are only a money bag, and they will not be able to perform further without their TOPs, is now silent.


The team played in the Super League last game year, then it became known that this season it will move to the VTB United League. This event drew a lot of criticism. Mostly those who were dissatisfied said that the MBA and other newcomers would not reach the level of the tournament. Then there was the start of the championship, and the Muscovites shut their mouths to all talkers.

The MBA started its performance in the new championship with an away victory over the Kuban "railroad" (86:73), then "Astana" was beaten away (103:69), and then there was a win over Tsmoki-Minsk in Moscow (81: 62). The club is second in terms of attack and third in defense. The MBA is a very young collectives. Only two basketball players were born in the 80s. In addition, there is not a single legionnaire in the roster.


History of the confrontation

The teams have two meetings in their entire history. The first of them was friendly, and took place in 2017. In it, the "soldiers" won with a score of 80:56. Another fight took place in 2019 as part of the Gomel Cup. Success in it was again on the side of CSKA (106:59).

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Game Totals Prediction

A stable favorite and a brazen newcomer. The Moscow derby has bright signs. The match itself should be very interesting. The hosts will play to win, and the ambitious guests have nothing to fear. The result will be made by legionnaires, which the MBA does not have. Russian basketball is going through hard times, and this fact will manifest itself in the upcoming match. The game will turn out to be fast, and comparatively large numbers will be lit on the scoreboard under the siren - Total over (158.5), there is no fight in the end, as a crushing victory is expected in the performance of the "soldiers" - handicap 1 (14.5).

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