Samara vs CSKA. VTB United League rookie match with its most titled participant

On October 3, Samara will host CSKA Moscow in its opening match of the VTB United League 2022/23. The game will be hosted by the basketball parquet of the Vysotsky Ice Sports Palace. This is a real holiday for the whole city.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Samara vs CSKA


After the number of participants in the VTB United League was reduced for political reasons, the club began to be considered as a possible contender for the vacant seat. In the end, everything turned out in favor of Samara. This is very cool news for the team.

Last season, the club reached the semi-finals of the Super League. First, he lost the series here to Uralmash from Yekaterinburg (0:2), and then he was left without medals at all (lost to Temp-SUMZ-UMMC (0:3)). In the summer, there were no large cash injections into Samara, but at the same time, she made cool deals. The team included: James Ennis, KC Rivers and Malcolm Thomas. It should be assumed that the team will make its debut at VTB with a more powerful line-up than the one that was not enough for it to climb the podium in the country's second strongest basketball division. Before the start of the official games, the Samara team had a friendly match with Tsmoki-Minsk and won it with a score of 90:68.


The club is famous throughout the basketball world, but now the main stars with foreign passports have predictably left the team. It was necessary to replace them urgently with our pupils, but there are not many of them. Always the main emphasis in the club was on buying up ready-made masters of their craft, and now the retribution for this has come. Note that in the 2021/22 season, CSKA did not take the trophy in the VTB United League. The silver medals of the tournament here are weak reassurance.

In the summer, the army team came second in the Gomelsky Cup, and then finished in the same way in the VTB League Super Cup. Very disappointing results for a club that is used to winning everywhere, everyone and always. The 2022/23 season will be a real test of strength for the capital's basketball players. Nikola Milutinov is the main star of CSKA. He entered the symbolic five of the VTB Super Cup. Who else does CSKA have for the role of leaders? Swede, Antonov, Ukhov, Weyer.

Samara vs CSKA

History of the confrontation

The upcoming battle will be the first in the teams' shared history. Samara and CSKA have never crossed paths anywhere, even though they are representatives of the same country. It seems that each of the parties would not mind starting with a victory.

Odds from download 1xbet

Bookmakers love stability and therefore believe in CSKA Moscow. For the victory of the guests give only 1.26. The hosts' win is estimated by a factor of 3.6. For handicap 2 (-7.5) they offer 1.76. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

You can't just take good basketball players from Samara, add three good legionnaires to them and beat CSKA with them, which is now wounded, but not killed. The rest of the "army" roster is many times superior to the opponent in the class. Muscovites will go home on a positive note after a crushing victory. The bet in the match will be made on the attack, so it is quite logical to expect relatively large numbers on the scoreboard by the end of the meeting - Total over (158.5) for 1.85.

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