Salavat Yulaev vs Siberia. Will the Ufa club be able to put a winning point in this series?

Ufa Arena on March 10 will be the venue for the fifth game of the first round of the Gagarin Cup between local Salavat Yulaev and Novosibirsk Siberia. The score in the series is 3-1 in favor of Salavat Yulaev.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Salavat Yulaev vs Siberia

Salavat Yulaev

The Ufa club approached the start of this confrontation as a clear favorite, but personnel problems seriously affected the balance of power in this pair. The political situation in the world dictates new rules and domestic hockey did not stand aside. The mass departure of legionnaires hit Salavat the hardest, leaving the club without six leading hockey players. The team lost the top three of the attack (Hartikainen - Manninen - Granlund), Finnish goalkeeper Juha Metsolu, Danish defender Philip Larsen, and striker Jeff Platt, who had dual citizenship.

However, while Salavat is not experiencing serious problems in the fight against Siberia, being at this moment one step away from getting into the quarterfinals. Albeit without much brilliance, but the Ufa club overcomes the resistance of the Siberians. Salavat won two home matches with a score of 2-1 and 4-2, so Tommy Lyamsya's wards went to Novosibirsk, having a fairly comfortable handicap of two wins. The first defeat of the Ufa team happened in the third match, which turned out to be extremely protracted. Regular time ended with a score of 1-1 and the teams had to play an additional 44 minutes until the Siberian hockey players scored the winning goal. This match did not become a turning point in the series, the next game in Novosibirsk again remained with Salavat, who won with a score of 6-3. Thus, the score in the series became 3-1 and only one victory separates Salavat from the quarterfinals.


Albeit to a lesser extent, but Siberia also suffered from the departure of legionnaires. Like Ufa, Siberia lost its main goalkeeper, the Finnish goalkeeper Harri Syateri. The team was also left without Finnish defender Jyrki Jokipakka and American forward Nick Shor. If we add here the health problems of three more hockey players of the main team (Litovchenko, Murphy and Goncharov), it becomes clear that Siberia has approached the playoffs far from being in the optimal composition.

In Ufa, Siberians fought on equal terms with an opponent, but the higher individual class of Salavat's hockey players still affected, and the hosts won two home victories 2-1 and 4-2. A kind of revenge was a success for Siberian hockey players in the first home match. Regular time ended with a football score of 1-1, and only in the third extra period, at the 44th minute, Valentin Pyanov brought the Siberians their first victory in this series. Siberian hockey players failed to develop success, in the fourth match of the series the Siberians lost with a score of 3-6, thereby driving themselves into a corner. In the upcoming match, it is necessary to win, otherwise the cup path of Andrey Martemyanov's wards will be completed after the first round of the playoffs.

Salavat Yulaev vs Siberia


Over the entire existence of the KHL, Salavat Yulaev has achieved more than a twofold advantage in the number of victories won over Siberia. Out of 49 meetings, the Ufa club won 33, while Sibir was stronger in 16 matches. It is worth paying attention to the fact that in the last 10 matches of these teams played in Ufa, Siberian hockey players managed to win three times, and the last time this season, during the regular championship.

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Game Totals Prediction

Even the departure of the leading three of the attack did not particularly affect the attacking potential of Salavat. In four games against Siberia, the Ufa team has already scored 13 goals, which is an excellent result in competition with one of the most closed teams in the League. While Salavat looks stronger than his opponent, and taking into account the fact that the upcoming match will be held in Ufa, everything goes to the fact that this series will end on Thursday. Our prediction is the victory of Salavat Yulaev with a coefficient of 1.96.

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