Zenit vs Anadolu Efes. The most important battle to qualify for the playoffs

The 23rd round of the Euroleague will be especially important for the Russian teams, which are ranked sixth through eighth in the standings. Zenit could be taller, but unexpectedly stumbled in the last match. Now he will throw all his strength into correcting himself in front of his fans. On the home parquet, the team began to lose too often, so it will also come out at the limit of motivation.

Anadolu Efes after the previous season was considered one of the main favorites of the new competition draw. But in the end, he is in a borderline position, any misfire can be fatal, send the team beyond the cherished eight. From this point of view, the upcoming confrontation will be incredibly important for the Turkish club. The rivals will meet each other on January 27 at the Sibur Arena in St. Petersburg.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Zenit vs Anadolu Efes


Zenith has broken a series of four victories in a row in the Euroleague, so ambitious performers are simply bound to get angry. The team lost to Monaco at home with a score of 77:86. It is all the more remarkable that the main offender of the Russian club was an old acquaintance - Mike James. With great pleasure, he shot 21 points into the treasury of the team from St. Petersburg, made four rebounds and five assists.

Zenit's defensive game went wrong from the very beginning. The team made mistakes out of the blue, constantly allowed to attack from convenient positions. In addition, summed up the percentage of implementation of their own shots. The only bright spot was Mickey, who was dragging his partners on his shoulders. But his efforts were not enough to bring the matter to the final victory.

Anadolu Efes

Anadolu Efes this season can not cope with the nerves. This even applies to head coach Attaman, who flares up in a split second. Excessive nervousness is often transmitted to his wards, who begin to get emotional on the court. But in the last round, they still managed to win a major victory. The team turned out to be stronger than Panathinaikos with a score of 82:81. Such a victory will definitely give the Turkish club strength and emotions. In addition, Micic is gradually gaining momentum, who just had a great time in the previous draw of the competition. He was matched to the leading clubs on the planet, but the basketball player remained. And in the end, this had an extremely negative impact on the emotional state of the player.

Zenit vs Anadolu Ephesus

History of the confrontation

In the history of this rivalry at the moment there are four head-to-head fights. It is curious that only the first of them went to the piggy bank of Anadolu Ephesus. Then the opponents met each other in Turkey, the hosts took advantage of the home ground. And the remaining three meetings were held by Zenith. The last match between these rivals took place in November 2021. Then the clubs clashed on the floor of the Sinan Erdem Dom arena in Istanbul. As a result, the team from St. Petersburg won a landslide victory with a score of 90:79.

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Game Totals Prediction

One gets the feeling that Zenith is completely unnecessarily written off. The club performs very well against the upcoming opponent. In addition, he has never lost to him on the home court, which can also be a very important factor. The team is really ready for the current draw, it even has good chances of getting into the Final Four. Anadolu Ephesus has not been looking its best lately. He has only one win in his last three matches. Therefore, we predict that Zenit will take advantage of the home court and win the final victory.

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