CSKA vs Kalev. Does the Estonian grandee have a chance?

The VTB United League will soon finally determine the list of playoff participants, each team intends to break into the next stage of the competition. CSKA should not experience any problems with this, since he is located in close proximity to the top of the standings. The team looks traditionally powerful, destroying rivals on the home court (three wins and no losses). She will try to compete for first place in the regular championship.

Kalev has lost three of his last four matches and is not looking his best. He is located outside the playoff zone, from which he is actually only one victory behind. Therefore, for each new fight, the team goes to the limit of dedication and motivation. And any misfire will entail a decrease in the chances of continuing the fight for the title. On January 24 at, the rivals will meet each other on the floor of the Megasport Arena in Moscow. 

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on CSKA vs Kalev


CSKA issued a long winning streak, during which they literally destroyed all rivals in their path. But in the last round there was a most offensive defeat from Zenit with a score of 68:81. It was noticeable that the basketball players could not properly distribute their strength and emotions for two tournaments at once. There was a surge in the Euroleague, which should have significantly improved the standings of the squad.

But in the VTB United League, I had to actively rotate the line-up, try to come up with something both in attack and in defense of my own ring. But while the efforts of the reservists are far from always enough for the final victory, some performers frankly fail the games, show a terrible percentage of hits from the game. But the parquet of the home arena is simply obliged to make the basketball players give their last strength on the court.


Kalev remains the top representative of Estonia. In the Latvian-Estonian Basketball League, the team has established itself in the leading group and looks just great. But we have to constantly analyze the results of the VTB United League, where the situation is much more complicated. There, the team with 3-6 statistics takes ninth place in the standings. He is located outside the playoff zone, but plans to return to the leading positions in the near future. In the meantime, the team continues to be in a fever - one can only dream of stability. On the road, the team scored only one victory with three defeats at once. Therefore, now the team will try to enter the parquet at the limit of motivation. Any next misfire will actually cross out the chances of getting into the playoffs. And it was definitely not part of the players' plans to finish the draw ahead of schedule.

CSKA vs Kalev

History of the confrontation

Up to this point, the teams have already faced each other 17 times in the open spaces of the VTB United League. The most obvious advantage is on the side of CSKA Moscow, which turned out to be stronger 15 times. Only in two matches did the final victory go to Kalev's piggy bank. The last full-time match between these rivals took place in November 2021. Then the opponents met each other on the floor of the Sole Sportdikeskus arena in Tallinn. As a result, the hosts of the site won a sensational victory with a score of 67:56. And the best basketball player of that meeting was Nurger, who had 15 points, nine rebounds and two assists.

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CSKA looks like the undisputed favorite of this confrontation, which does not allow setting quotes for a separate outcome. But at the same time, you can bet that the "soldiers" will win with a handicap of (-22) points with a coefficient of 2.02. But the bookmaker does not particularly believe in the possibility of Kalev. To win the guests' handicap of +22 points is given with a coefficient of 1.85. The base total of this match was set at around 158 points. It is offered to bet on its penetration with a coefficient of 1.91. And the reverse version is quoted at 1.96. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

CSKA received a really heavy slap in the face in the last round, but this is unlikely to violate its strategy of playing in several competitions at the same time. The team will definitely actively use reservists, continue to demonstrate their complete confidence in them. Kalev will try to take advantage of the opponent's difficult schedule. I predict that even if the Estonian team fails to win, they will at least retain a head start of +20.5 points.

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