Spartak vs Metallurg. Will the red-whites be able to even the score in the series?

On Tuesday, March 26, the fourth match of the second round of the Gagarin Cup playoffs between Spartak and Metallurg will take place on the ice of the capital's Megasport Arena. At the moment the score in the series is 2-1 in favor of Metallurg.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Spartak vs Metallurg


The red-whites unpleasantly surprised their fans at the start of the quarterfinal series, not only losing the first two matches, but not scoring a single goal in these matches against Metallurg. Such sad statistics are doubly surprising because it was Spartak that became the most productive team at the end of the regular season, scoring an average of three and a half goals per match. In the first round of the playoffs, in the games against Severstal, Spartak's attack again worked properly, scoring 20 goals in five matches.

The goalless streak in the games against Magnitogorsk Metallurg lasted 125 minutes, and Maxim Tsyplakov interrupted it with his accurate throw. The Spartak forward scored already at the beginning of the first period of the third match of the series, thereby marking the beginning of the first victory for Alexei Zhamnov’s team. In this match, it is again worth noting the play of the first line of the red and white, which scored four goals. Ivan Morozov and Pavel Poryadin scored once each, Nikolai Goldobin scored a double. As a result, Spartak confidently won with a score of 5-2, thereby reducing the gap in the series to a minimum.


If Spartak passed the first round after five matches, then Metallurg had to suffer pretty much with Amur, flying to Khabarovsk twice. The Ural team constantly led the score, but Amur twice managed to catch up with Metallurg. Ultimately, the higher class of Metallurg’s hockey players had an effect, the Urals won the fifth and sixth matches, 3-1 and 3-2, respectively, thereby qualifying for the quarterfinals after six matches.

Certain fears that the Metallurg hockey players would not have time to recover in time for the first quarterfinal match after the flight from Khabarovsk turned out to be groundless. Metallurg played the first match against Spartak perfectly, achieving a confident victory with a score of 4-0. In the second match, Metallurg again played perfectly in defense, largely thanks to the excellent play of Ilya Nabokov, who repelled all 33 shots on his own goal. Another hero of the second match was Egor Korobkin, whose goal was the only goal in this match. Metallurg was unable to win a third victory in a row; in Moscow the game was held with a noticeable advantage for the hosts, ending with the victory of Spartak with a score of 5-2.

Spartak vs Metallurg


Metallurg has consistently scored exactly two goals per game in regulation time in the last three away games of the current playoffs. Individual Total 2 under(2.5) 1.72. If we consider the relationship of these teams on the capital ice, here the games are held with varying success. Out of the last 10 games played in Moscow, each team has five wins to their credit. During the current season, Spartak and Metallurg have played five head-to-head games. In the regular season, Metallurg was stronger twice, 3-1 at home and 6-2 away; in the playoffs, Metallurg also has two wins, 4-0 and 1-0, against Spartak 5-2.

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Spartak's hockey players played their last home game with confidence, so now the bookmaker considers the Red-Whites to be the favourites: Spartak's victory in regulation time is at 2.19, while Metallurg's victory can be bet at odds of 2.8. The last draw between these teams was played in September 2022, and you can bet on such a rare event at odds of 4.1. Despite the fact that the first two games of the series were draws, this time 1xbet experts expect the teams to play well: total more (4.5) - 1.57, total less (4.5) - 2.36. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

Spartak turned the tide of an unsuccessful series by winning an extremely important victory in the third game. The first line, which was the main striking force in the regular season, but was not particularly impressive in the playoffs before this match, returned to work. Now Spartak is on the rise and is quite capable of winning another victory in front of its own fans, thereby leveling the score in the series. Our prediction is a victory for Spartak, taking into account overtime, with odds of 1.72.

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