Lokomotiv vs Avangard. Will the Omsk residents be able to return to the fight?

The quarterfinal series of the Gagarin Cup between Lokomotiv and Avangard moves to Yaroslavl for two games. It is there, on the ice of the local Arena-2000 Lokomotiv, that the third match of this confrontation will take place on March 20. At the moment the score in the series is 2-0 in favor of Lokomotiv.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Lokomotiv vs Avangard


The Yaroslavl club can already count the current playoffs as an asset, having historically managed to finally qualify for the capital's CSKA Cup. For the last three seasons, Lokomotiv has invariably ended its cup journey with the army team, so Igor Nikitin’s charges have already developed a certain complex. In the first match, lost 0-4, Lokomotiv looked doomed, losing to the army team in all respects. The turning point of the series occurred in the second match, when Lokomotiv, having been inferior in the score for a long time, managed to achieve a strong-willed victory 2-1. Subsequently, only Lokomotiv won the series 3-2 and 2-1 away, and then put a convincing point at home, defeating the army team with a score of 6-3.

Fueled by success, Lokomotiv also played the opening matches of the quarterfinal series. The first match in Omsk lasted for 90 minutes, ending only in the second overtime. During the main time of the match, the opponents exchanged goals, and the victory was brought to Lokomotiv by an accurate shot by Maxim Berezkin in the middle of the second overtime. The same Berezkin opened the scoring in the second match, thereby marking the beginning of a major victory for Lokomotiv. As a result, 7 unanswered goals hit the Avangard goal.


Omsk also won the first round with a score of 4-1, but unlike Lokomotiv, there was no particular drama in Avangard’s victory. Lada returned to the KHL after several years of absence and, in all circumstances, could not claim much. And so it happened, Avangard confidently took the first three matches, then allowed Lada to briefly return to the fight, losing in the fourth match with a score of 4-1. The intrigue lasted exactly until the fifth match, which Avangard confidently won at home with a score of 4-0.

All the more unexpected was Avangard’s performance in the two opening matches of the quarterfinal series, which the team also played at home. Having opened the scoring in the first game, Avangard decided to play to hold the score, for which he paid. Lokomotiv equalized the score, and in overtime took advantage of Bogdan Kiselevich's mistake, putting the winning point in the 90th minute of the match. The second fight became a real nightmare for Avangard. The Omsk team lost the relatively equal first period with a score of 0-1, but then there was a deafening failure in the second, which resulted in four missed goals. The final defeat is 0-7 and Avangard goes to Yaroslavl, losing the series 0-2.

Lokomotiv vs Avangard


Lokomotiv became the best club in terms of defensive play at the end of the regular season, conceding an average of around two pucks per game. In the playoffs, that figure rose to 1.7 goals conceded per game. The same Avangard managed to hit the gates of the Yaroslavl club only once in two playoff games. Individual total 2 less (1.5) 2.26. Not in favour of Avangard and statistics of matches in Yaroslavl, the last time Omichi won on this road in the season 2018/19, since then there have been five consecutive defeats, including in the course of the current regular season with a score of 1-4.

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Confident play at the start of the series makes Lokomotiv the favorite of the match. The odds for the victory of the railway workers in the third match are 2.15, while the success of Avangard in regular time can be bet with odds of 2.9. In the last 10 head-to-head meetings, the opponents revealed the strongest outside the main time 4 times; you can bet on another draw with odds of 3.95. According to specialists from 1xbet, the upcoming match is unlikely to please the fans with a large number of goals scored: total over (4.5) – 2.14, total under (4.5) – 1.69. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

The results of the opening matches of the series are disappointing for the Omsk team. Avangard looks helpless compared to Lokomotiv, inferior in all the main game components. The Yaroslavl team completely neutralized Avangard's stellar attack, allowing the Omsk team to score only one goal in 150 minutes of playing time. It is not yet clear how Vanguard can turn the tide of the series. Lokomotiv is on the rise, and besides, they have to play at home. Our prediction is Lokomotiv's victory in regular time with odds of 2.15.

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