Georgia vs Serbia. Will the hosts create intrigue?

On February 26, Georgia will host Serbia in the second round of the group stage of the fourth round of qualifying for EuroBasket 2025. It will take place under the dome of the Tbilisi Arena in the capital of Georgia.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Georgia vs Serbia


The team got off to a bad start in the current qualifying tournament. In her first match here, she lost to the Danes away with a score of 69:75 (23:12, 14:16, 16:22 and 16:25). Sad story. You can’t call your opponent a favorite, but he handled Georgia quite confidently.

If we are trying to find something positive in that defeat, then we must highlight Shengelia in the team, who tried to pull out the match on himself. The guy scored 26 points, made six rebounds and handed out three assists. Also deserving of flattering words are: Thomasson (16/4/4), Ochkhikidze (11 points into the opponent’s hoop) and Shermadini, who found eight rebounds of the ball from the backboard.

Georgia is currently ranked 23rd in the world TOP according to FIBA, or 14th position if we consider only Europe. Denmark, which recently punished the team, is 58th in the world or 29th in the EU.


The team has already played one match in the current group stage of qualification. It was a game against the Finns. The Serbs took it with a score of 77:61. The opponent took the first part of the battle with impudence, and then he was put in place (17:20, 19:14, 22:17 and 19:10).

In that battle, the winning team performed well: Mitrovic, who almost reached a double-double (19 points and nine rebounds), Avramovic (18/3), Petrusev (eight points in attack, six collected goals on the board and five assists) and Davidovac (7/6/3).

It cannot be said that the Serbian basketball players worked at their maximum in that battle, but they confidently did their job, taking the match to the next level. Let us remind you that in the FIBA rankings the national team is currently in fifth place in the world or in third place if we are talking only about Europe. The Finns are in 20th and 13th positions, respectively.

Georgia vs Serbia

History of the confrontation

The teams met in 2013, and their last rivalry took place in 2021. At this time period, the teams have six common battles. They have complete equality of power (three positive results for each side). The most recent match between the teams went to the advantage of the Serbs (92:66). This was the fourth round of the EuroBasket qualifying group stage. The match took place in Tbilisi in February 2021.

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Game Totals Prediction

The Georgians made a mistake at the start of qualification, but that doesn't mean they are weak. Serbs proved in their first qualifying game that they are in great order. Class will decide everything in this case. Shengelia will not pull out this battle alone, and there is no one to help him. Bet on handicap 2(-5,5) for 1.55.

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