Zenit vs Uralmash. Debut of the team from Ekaterinburg in the VTB United League

On October 2, Zenit and Uralmash will start a joint match in the new season of the VTB United Basketball League. The meeting will take place in St. Petersburg. It will be hosted by the Sibur Arena sports complex.

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In the 2022/23 season, the team aimed to become champions of the VTB United League, but plans collapsed halfway through. UNICS turned out to be better. Then the St. Petersburg team argued with CSKA for bronze medals, but the opponent was again invincible. As a result, the “blue-white-sky blues” were left with nothing. This is a blow to self-esteem. In the new championship you need to work to improve your achievements.

Not long ago, Zenit won the 2023 VTB United League Super Cup. Here, on the way to the trophy, he successively defeated: Besiktas (72:69), Pari NN (86:61) and Lokomotiv-Kuban (85:83). I have my first title after the holidays, and I have gained self-confidence.

In the summer, the St. Petersburg team shook up the lineup. Seven players left (among them Kulagin, Fridzon, Homesley and Hamm). Five basketball players were taken in their place. Among the newcomers, it is necessary to highlight: Zhbanov, Hunter (both UNICS), Kuric (Barcelona) and Dublevich (Valencia). Of course, the team's bench has become shorter, but the composition has become better.

If we talk about Zenit’s starting five for the upcoming meeting, then the following combination suggests itself: Zhbanov, Zubkov, Kuric, Fraser and Hunter. The team played this lineup at the VTB United League Super Cup, it seems that all this was done for the main season, and not for fun.


The team won the last Super League in excellent style. It has earned its place in the VTB United League, but it is far from a fact that the team from Yekaterinburg is ready to powerfully break into a new division for itself. To some extent, Uralmash is the dark horse of the competition.

During the holidays, the Urals played four friendly matches. First, they defeated the Kuban Lokomotiv (75:74), then lost to the Turkish Samsunspor (75:87), then the Yenisei was broken (77:65), and after that there was a misfire with Avtodor 76:80. It’s not bad and again mysterious if we try to understand the level of Uralmash using real examples.

During the holidays, five basketball players left the team, and now six new players will defend the club's colors instead. There are no big recognized stars among them, but it is possible that Uralmash took the diamonds from which it will make diamonds.

Zenit vs Uralmash

History of the confrontation

The teams crossed paths twice in their history. This happened in 2023 as part of the quarterfinals of the Russian Cup last season. In January, Uralmash lost at home with a score of 64:73. In February, Zenit was better in St. Petersburg (89:82).

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Game Totals Prediction

There is no intrigue. The St. Petersburg team will tear apart their opponent, bringing him 20 points or more at the final siren. It’s hard to imagine what Uralmash will show. Will he be able to cope with his anxiety or will he become nervous and forget how to play basketball? Complete mysteries. We take handicap 1 (-19.5) for 2.17.

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