Lokomotiv Kuban vs UNICS. Everything starts over

On May 11, the third match of the final series of the VTB United League 2022/23 will take place, in which Lokomotiv Kuban and UNICS will sort things out. The game will be held in Krasnodar. She will be hosted by the Basket Hall arena. The series moved to the south of Russia with the score 1:1.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Lokomotiv Kuban vs UNICS

Lokomotiv Kuban

"Railroad" feel comfortable in the final. In the first match on the road, they defeated UNICS without validol in the end. In the second battle in Kazan, there were also good stretches, but there was a misfire. Moving the series to Krasnodar with a 1:1 score looks quite comfortable for Loko. The opponent is deprived of the advantage of his parquet, self-confidence is acquired. Next, you need to work in your own style. The houses of the ring are shot. A lot has to go. In the second meeting, which was lost in Kazan, the "locomotives" realized few shots from behind the arc. It seems that in Krasnodar they will pull up at the moment.

The guys from Lokomotiv play attacking basketball. The opponent accepts such a challenge. There is a feeling that in the subsequent battles of the series in this regard, nothing will change. In the opening meeting of rivalry with Kazan, the best in the southerners were: Burford (17 points and five rebounds), Akun-Purcell (12 points in the basket) and Horton with a double-double (11/12). In the next battle, they distinguished themselves: again Akun-Purcell (17 points in the basket), again Horton (14/7) and White (10/8).


In theory, Kazan are the favorites of the final. In fact, the series on their territory began with a defeat in which there was no chance to escape in the end. Fortunately, in game number two in Tatarstan, we managed to restore the balance in the rivalry, but everything was fine there. The opponent turned out to be better than expected.

It was planned to take both home matches, but it turned out differently. Now the plans have been adjusted, in Krasnodar we need to perform no worse than it turned out on our territory. The opponent will focus on the third match, it is possible that here you can give in to him, exhausting him and then shoot in the fourth battle. This is the minimum task. You should not pass in advance and you should try to squeeze the maximum out of the situation.

In the opening game of the series, Macon was UNICS' best offensive player. He shot 16 points. Knight had 14 points that day, he added five rebounds to them, Labury and Hunter both had 11/6. Dimitrievich brought 13 points into the opponent's ring, and also assisted partners five times. In the second game, the heroes of Kazan were: Reynolds (19 points, five rebounds and seven interceptions), Knight with 17 points in the opponent's basket, Labury with a double-double (15 points in attack and ten collected balls on the backboard), as well as Dimitrievich, who sketched also 15.

Lokomotiv Kuban vs UNICS

History of the confrontation

The score in the series is 1:1. Prior to that, the clubs competed four more times in the season. The first two matches of them went to UNICS in the regular season (83:75 in Kazan and 82:70 in Krasnodar). Another pair of games that took place in the Winners' Stage went to Loko's assets (103:70 away and 78:70 at home). So far, we have complete equality of forces in the VTB United League.

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Bookmakers do not see a clear favorite in the upcoming meeting. For the victory of the hosts of the site they give 1.8. Away win is worth 2. Individual total 1 over (84.5) is valued at 2.23. The coefficient for the handicap 1(-5.5) is 2.37. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

UNICS saved honor in Kazan not without problems. In Krasnodar, he is expected to have problems. The hosts will confidently win the match - Victory 1 and handicap 1 (-5.5), showing basketball with an attacking bias. Guests will try to keep their pace, but will not work.

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