Ak Bars vs CSKA. Who will win the Gagarin Cup?

The decisive match of the final series of the Gagarin Cup will be held on April 29 in Kazan. Hockey players Ak Bars and CSKA will take to the ice of the local Tatneft Arena. At the moment, the score in the series is equal – 3:3.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Ak Bars vs CSKA

Ak Bars

After four matches played in the final series, it seemed that Kazan had already lost all chances of winning the Cup. Starting the final with a home win, Ak Bars at some point seriously stalled, albeit a little, but losing to the opponent in each of the subsequent matches. And if the defense, in principle, played at its usual level (8 goals conceded in three matches), then the attack clearly could not cope with the mission assigned to it. Moreover, in each of the lost matches, Kazan significantly outnumbered the opponent in the number of shots on target, but the number did not turn into quality.

A certain turning point came in the fifth match, which took place in Kazan. This time, Barsam needed two goals to win, a 2-1 victory, and the gap in the series was reduced to a minimum. Ak Bars managed to equalize the score in the series on the guest ice, and this was done to some extent in the army style. Kazan only 13 times threw the army team on target, but managed to score three times, scoring a puck in each of the three periods. Effective actions were marked by Galimov, Shipachev and Dynyak, who hit the already empty gates of the army club. Thus, Kazan was able to bounce back in the series from 1-3 and got the opportunity to play the decisive match on home ice.


CSKA only in the current playoffs for the third time bring the matter to the seventh match, which may well have a negative impact on the physical condition of hockey players. The upcoming match in Kazan will be 27 for army hockey players in two months, that is, in fact, the entire time period the team plays in the mode: game - day of rest - game. For comparison, the Kazan club has played five matches less in the current playoffs, which could be a key factor in the decisive match.

To some extent, the army team themselves are to blame for what happened, allowing the opponent to return to the series from a 3-1 score. In the last two matches, lost by CSKA with a score of 1-2 and 0-3, the army attack unexpectedly failed, during the current playoffs it has consistently given out an average of three goals per match. In the sixth match of the series, which took place in Moscow, even the support of the home stands did not help. The army team's more than two-fold superiority in shots on target turned out to be absolutely ineffective, the defeat was 0-3, and now the team will have to go to the traditionally difficult trip to Kazan for the decisive match of the season.

Ak Bars vs CSKA


Already twice in the course of the current final series, one of the teams left the ice without goals. Both will score (no) 4.1. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that the closer the denouement of the final, the more noticeably the performance drops. So, in the last three matches, the teams jointly scored only three goals per match total under (3.5) 2.54. This season, the rivals met four times in Kazan, alternating victories with defeats. Ak Bars won its two matches with a score of 4-1 and 2-1, CSKA won with the following results 3-2 and 3-0.

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It is quite a rare case for the KHL when the bookmaker sets absolutely equal odds for the victory of each of the teams – 2.6. For nine matches in a row in the rivalry between Ak Bars and CSKA, the winner is determined by the results of regular time of the match. You can risk and bet on the first draw in the match of these rivals for a long time in 1xbet betting shop with a coefficient of 3.55. As for the overall performance of the teams, everything is quite predictable here, the teams do not take unnecessary risks, which directly affects the quotes: Under (4.5) - 1.66, Over (4.5) - 2.19. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

A few days ago it seemed that the Cup was almost in the hands of the capital team and the army team would still squeeze their opponent, but now the situation has changed dramatically. Barca turned the course of the series on its head, having received, first of all, a serious psychological advantage over the opponent. Also, we will not discount the venue of the decisive match. The stands of the Tatneft Arena will be filled to the limit with Ak Bars fans, which is another argument in favor of the Kazan club. Our prediction is the victory of Ak Bars, taking into account overtime with a coefficient of 1.9.

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