Zenit vs UNICS. Are the Pieterse able to catch up to the Kazan side?

April 23 in St. Petersburg will host the fourth semi-final match between Zenit and UNICS. So far, the guests are leading with a score of 2:1 in the series, but the last meeting of the pair remained with the "blue-white-blue". The upcoming match will take place at the Sibur Arena sports complex.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Zenit vs UNICS


The first disturbing bells appeared in the quarter-finals, when the club failed to pass the MBA in three matches. It seemed that the Petrograders are not in perfect shape. In the 1/2 finals, this was confirmed. Two away matches in Kazan were handed over and there were no special chances in them. In the third game, which took place in St. Petersburg, Zenit won, but there was a feeling that UNICS did not give 100% in it, as if they were preparing something especially tough for the opponent for the April 23 battle. If so, the blue-white-blues may falter.

In the last victorious match, Zenit put the squeeze on the opponent in the final quarter. Kazan did not score their important goals, and St. Petersburg took advantage of this. Ertel begins to play out. At the beginning of the series, he was nothing, and now he is gradually reaching his stellar level.


At home, Kazan twice defeated Zenith. And they did it in different ways. First there was their crushing victory with an emphasis on attack, and then they worked very strictly on defense. The first meeting in St. Petersburg was lost. The score in the series is 2:1 in favor of UNICS. Now, in no case should you let your opponent return the intrigue to the rivalry. You need to win on the road, and then close the issue at home.

Legionnaires UNICS, making the result, at the moment in order. They must shoot in the next duel. The opponent gave a lot of strength in the third game, now you need to bet on fast exhausting basketball and then in the end the St. Petersburg team will sag. The only question is, do Kazan citizens themselves have significant reserves of energy to implement the above in practice? There is a feeling that UNICS is better than Zenith in terms of physics, so everything should work out.

Zenit vs UNICS

History of the confrontation

The score in the series is 2:1. Kazan took two starting matches here on their territory (94:67 and 68:59), and St. Petersburg were stronger in the last game in St. Petersburg (83:71). Earlier in the season, the clubs upset each other twice more. In their ten most recent rivalries - 6:4 on positive results in favor of the "blue-white-blue".

Odds from download 1xbet

Bookmakers believe in Zenit when they play at home. The odds are 1.53 for a win for the home team. The visitors' success is priced at 2.5. The odds on the underdog total (156.5) are 1.9. If you bet on the breakthrough of this performance ceiling, your money can be multiplied by 1.9. The Pitmen's win in the first quarter is priced at 1.7. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

Zenit took last night's game with confidence, if the numbers on the scoreboard are to be believed, but in reality it was a slim one. The Pieterites were lucky. Yes, they got the win and that's good, but it's worth clearly understanding that Kazan are better than them in every way right now. The guests will play a productive basketball - Total more (156.5) and relatively confidently get a positive result in an away match - win 2. We can also bet on Zenit's victory in the opening quarter. The home team will certainly start the game very aggressively.

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