PARMA vs UNICS. The end of the season for Perm?

On April 6, PARMA and UNICS will play their third match in the quarterfinals of the VTB United League 2022/23. The score in the series up to three victories is 2:0 in favor of Kazan. The game will be held in Perm on the basketball court of the USK Molot arena.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on PARMA vs UNICS


The team failed to enter the Winners' Stage in the current VTB League, but later it managed to become the first in Group B, which is quite good. At the same time, she got to UNICS in the playoffs and this fact did not bring joy to the Permians. The two opening games of the quarterfinals were handed over to the opponent on his territory. They didn't have much of a chance.

Now you need to turn everything upside down at home. It's hard to do this. This is where the superiority of the opponent in the class and his current psychological advantage take place. Yes, PARMA has gathered professionals who know how to distance themselves from problems and are able to fight in every single match, but the opponent has the same guys, only better.


Kazan finished the first two rounds of the 2022/23 VTB United League in second place, being the number one irritant for CSKA and the second main contender for the final of the tournament along with the just-mentioned CSKA. In the playoffs, they started their journey with confrontations with the best team in group B. The series began with a couple of games in the capital of Tatarstan. UNICS took them confidently and very predictably. Now we need to close the issue in the first match in Perm. It's not worth pulling. We need to win and get some extra rest before the upcoming serious battles with Zenith.

There is no need to change anything in the battles with PARMA. UNICS has its own style and it works. It is only necessary not to underestimate the strength of the opponent. If this can be done, then Kazan will take the sixth of April ticket to the semi-finals of the tournament.


History of the confrontation

The first two battles at the stage of the current quarter-finals went to the asset of Kazan (101:76 and 94:59 on their territory). Prior to that, the teams had a couple of times to sort things out within the framework of the regular season of the VTB United League. UNICS was also better in them (93:74 at home and 89:82 away in extra time after 74:74). The team from Tatarstan is paired on a series of eight positive results in a row. PARMA achieved success against Kazan for the last time in the spring of 2019.

Odds from download 1xbet

UNICS has shown consistent, high-level basketball throughout the season. They're the favourites to win the game for the bookies. They're willing to bet only 1.1 on a win for Kazan. The Permians' win, on the other hand, is priced at 7. The odds on the total score of less than (162.5) in 1xbet are 1.85. The price of breaking this points ceiling is estimated at 1.95. If you take the 2(-14.5) handicap, you can increase your pot by 1.9 times. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

UNICS got off to a flying start, taking the first two meetings in the series with confidence. They'll defeat their opponent in the third away game with a 2(-14.5) handicap and head to the semifinals, where they'll have time to tune in quietly to their new opponent. PARMA is a great club, but they can't beat Kazan right now if they want to. The hosts will play the attacking basketball that they love, which means that the score should be big - total more(162,5).

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