Lokomotiv vs CSKA. How will the sixth match of the series end?

Cup confrontation between Yaroslavl Lokomotiv and Moscow CSKA drags on. The sixth match of the quarterfinal series will take place on March 27 in Yaroslavl, on the ice of the local Arena 2000 Lokomotiv. The score in the series is 2:3.

Our Expert Predictions & Analysis on Lokomotiv vs CSKA


For now, only Lokomotiv can beat the probable Western Conference Army Finals that has become familiar to hockey fans over the past four years. Before the fifth match of the series, which took place in Moscow, it seemed that the chances of the railway workers to continue the fight were minimal. The locomotive was losing in the series 1-3, while losing twice on the road, so there were no special prerequisites for a successful outcome of the fifth match. The real hero of the match was 23-year-old Daniil Isaev, the goalkeeper of Lokomotiv. He managed to keep his gate intact, reflecting 21 throws of army hockey players. In turn, the attack of the railroad on their own goal played out, in the middle of the third period, Maxim Berezkin scored the only goal in this match, clearly realizing the majority.

Lokomotiv's game in the fifth match was somewhat atypical for this series. In previous matches, Igor Nikitin took risks by playing the first number. This resulted in playing superiority, a serious advantage on shots on target, but only in one game was it converted into final success. In the fifth game, Lokomotiv showed up in its usual form, playing cautious, defensive hockey, which ultimately helped to win such an important victory.


The army team had to decide the fate of the series in the fifth match, especially since the capital team had all the prerequisites for this. The game was held in Moscow, the psychological advantage after a successful trip to Yaroslavl also played into the hands of the capital's team, but everything did not go according to plan. The coaching staff of the army team, headed by Sergei Fedorov, once again decided to play cautiously, initially giving the initiative to the railroad, relying on quick counterattacks. This time this tactic didn't work, Lokomotiv played in a similar style, so it's hard to call that match spectacular.

The key in the fifth game was the removal of army team Yaroslav Dyblenko. The game calmly rolled to overtime, when Lokomotiv managed to take advantage of the opportunity on 52 minutes. After the missed puck, the army team sharply increased the pace, but for the remaining 8 minutes they could not even the score. The defeat was 0-1, and Lokomotiv reduced the gap in the series to a minimum.

Lokomotiv vs CSKA


In the regular season, Lokomotiv were the best defensive team, allowing an average of 1.8 pucks per game. In the playoffs the situation has not changed much, the railroaders have only improved this indicator - 1.6 goals conceded per game, individual total more than 2 (2.5) 1.42. But the statistics of goals scored in Lokomotiv's home games has increased markedly and currently stands at 3 goals scored per game, individual total 1 more (2.5) 2.24. The overall statistics for head-to-head encounters between Lokomotiv and CSKA in the KHL is as follows: 65 games played, Lokomotiv have 26 wins, CSKA have 39, 20 times the opponents have not decided the strongest in regulation time, going to overtime. The goal difference is 154-130 in favour of the Army team.

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Quite unexpectedly, but, according to 1xbet, the favorite of the upcoming match is Lokomotiv, whose odds for winning in regular time are 2.31, while the possible success of the army team is offered with a ratio of 2.95. In the current quarter-final series, the teams have never gone into overtime, so you can bet on the first such case with odds of 3.6. And traditionally no one expects an abundance of goals from this rivalry: Under (4.5) – 1.69, Over (4.5) – 2.14. Install the 1xbet app and place a bet on the favorite!

Game Totals Prediction

The confrontation between Lokomotiv and CSKA is coming to its climax, so the price of a mistake is incredibly high. Lokomotiv took the risk of playing first in the opening matches, but this did not bring him any luck, but careful hockey in the fifth game allowed the railroad workers to achieve a much-needed victory in Moscow. It is unlikely that any of the opponents will take risks in the upcoming match; rather, we should expect a cautious game, with the ability to punish the opponent for a mistake made in defense. Our prediction is Total Under (4.5) with odds of 1.69.

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