The favorites of the championship, the national teams of Finland and Sweden, will hold a head-to-head match of the group stage on May 18. The meeting of the two Scandinavian teams will be held in Tampere, on the ice of the Tampere Dec arena.

Finland vs Sweden
The Russian national team will begin their performance at the MFM 2021 on December 27 with a game against the Swedish national team. The meeting will take place in the Canadian town of Red Deer, on the ice of the local seven-thousander "Westerner Park Centrium".

Russia vs Sweden
The second round of the Karjala Cup starts with a Saturday match between the national teams of Sweden and Russia. The meeting will take place on November 13 in Helsinki, on the ice of the local Hartwall Arena.

Sweden vs Russia
On June 14, in the first round match of the European Championship, the teams of Spain and Sweden will face off. The battle will take place at the Estadio de la Cartuja Arena (Seville). Will the Pirinians continue their series of successful matches against Tre Krunur?

Spain vs Sweden predictions