The first Korean superstar in the UFC, the “Korean Zombie” named Chen Sung Jung, missed his title shot but is still a coveted contender for the elite featherweight division. At UFC Fight Night 225 in Singapore on August 26 at the Indoor Stadium, he will face former dominating champion Max Holloway. Such a duet will definitely give the local public an unforgettable spectacle, but will Chen be able to compete with one of the most dangerous boxers in the league, or will he again have to demonstrate miracles of stamina?

Max Holloway vs Chen Song Jong
Ecuadorian fighter Marlon Vera, who competes in the bantamweight division of the UFC, went through several media rivals, becoming one of the potential contenders for the title in just a year. Just one setback has pushed him to the fringes of the lineup, and now he has to rebuild his winning streak against Pedro Munoz at UFC 292 on August 20 in Boston. And if for the Brazilian this is a great opportunity to get close to the TOP-5, then Chito has much higher risks - because of the loss, he can completely forget about the title shot. So, the fight promises to be especially hot.

A fighter who never holds the title of champion, but who is quite deservedly the people's favorite - Derrick Lewis, systematically descended from the hall of the elite, into the room where the representatives of the TOP-15 of the division are sitting. Marcos Rogerio De Lima will try to take advantage of his position, with whom they will enter the octagon on July 30, in the UFC 291 numbered event card. The “Black Beast” has not felt the taste of victories since the end of 2021, and he was again picked up by a formidable striker carrying new “dream sessions” in his fists. Whose “cannon” will shoot first in this fight?

Derrick Lewis vs Marcos Rogerio De Lima
Long time fans will remember how the Ultimate Fighter's idiosyncratic guy broke into the UFC roster and became a nightmare for fighters in the lightweight division. 12 years have passed since then, and now El Cucuy is a millimeter away from being fired, going on an insane losing streak. The UFC 291 tournament, which will be held in Salt Lake City on July 30, has every chance of being Tony Ferguson's last in his career, as is his opponent, Bobby Green. So will The King manage to retire old Tony?

Tony Ferguson vs Bobby Green
The premier expert in wiping out middleweights eager to prove their dominance over light heavyweights, Jan Blachowicz, who possesses intimidating Polish power, is preparing to examine another candidate. This time around, it's ex-84kg champ Alex Pereira who's heading to the cage at UFC 291 as a co-main event on July 30th. For the Brazilian, this is the best opportunity to jump into the title train by beating the veteran, however, he will have a tough nut to crack, and who knows if the Hands of Stone will be able to crack him.

Jan Blachowicz vs Alex Pereira
The Russian fighter, Albert Duraev, got into the UFC rather late, and at the start he performed no more than once a year. But now, his second fight awaits him in 2023, against the rather successful Korean prospect Yun Yong Park. Their confrontation will take place in the second most important event of UFC on ESPN 49, which will be held on July 16. For Duraev, as part of performances under the banner of Western promotion, this is almost the most difficult challenge, since his opponent will be ready to fight on any floor. Will the Machete's skills be enough to cut the threads of the Park to win this fight?

Albert Duraev vs Yun Yong Park